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Cowboys fans and oddsmakers have slightly different levels of belief in the team

Who should we believe, the fans or the money guys?

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It certainly feels like confidence with the Dallas Cowboys is high. Such is life for a football team in May.

Truly, though, the Cowboys are a team that won 10 games last season, a lot of them across a huge streak, and even tasted success in the playoffs. They didn’t lose any notable free agents and they managed to bring in guys that are worth getting excited about at certain positions (plus Jason Witten is back!).

Confidence is a hard thing to gauge, but it’s still a relevant thing. Tony Casillas and I discussed how confident Cowboys fans should be on the latest episode of The 75O, but ultimately however confident you are is what matters most.

Recently we used SB Nation’s FanPulse tool to calculated the confidence level of Cowboys fans these days. We’ve been gauging this a bit over the offseason, just like we did during the season, and it turns out that Cowboys fans are feeling quite good.

As you can see things have dipped just a bit since before the draft, and a lot of that probably has to do with those that were fans of Juan Thornhill or Taylor Rapp. It’s true that the Cowboys still have a bit of a hole at safety, but overall they really improved the roster.

For what it’s worth oddsmakers are somewhat confident in the Cowboys, although not as confident as they are in their division rivals. Dallas has only the second-best odds to win the NFC East according to BetOnline.

Odds to win the NFC East in 2019

You can be part of the FanPulse process (SIGN UP HERE) for every time we want to field responses to certain Cowboys topics, too. You can also let your voice be heard right here and right now. How confident are you in the Cowboys? Why? Are those division odds fair?

Let’s discuss.

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