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State of the Cowboys roster: How much better do you feel about the wide receivers?

How strong is the Cowboys depth chart at receiver heading into 2019?

NFL: NFC Divisional Playoff-Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

[In this series, we’ll take a look at the additions and subtractions at every position on the Dallas Cowboys roster. We’ll compare where the Cowboys were to where they currently sit and ask the ultimate question - did the Cowboys improve or not? In other words, do you feel better about the state of the roster going into the 2019 season?]


2018 Season: 2019 Season:
Amari Cooper - 9 starts Amari Cooper
Michael Gallup - 8 starts Michael Gallup
Allen Hurns - 7 starts Randall Cobb- signs 1-year, $5M in FA
Cole Beasley - 4 starts Allen Hurns
Deionte Thompson - 4 starts Tavon Austin
Noah Brown - 2 starts Noah Brown
Terrance Williams - 2 starts Lance Lenoir
Tavon Austin - 0 starts Reggie Davis
Cedrick Wilson- IR Devin Smith
Lance Lenoir - PS C.J. Goodwin
Brice Butler Jalen Guyton -UDFA
- Jon'Vea Johnson - UDFA


2018 Production TARG REC YDS Y/REC TD CATCH%
Amari Cooper 76 53 725 13.7 6 69.7
Cole Beasley 87 65 672 10.3 3 74.7
Michael Gallup 68 33 507 15.4 2 48.5
Allen Hurns 35 20 295 14.8 2 57.1
Tavon Austin 13 8 140 17.5 2 61.5
Deionte Thompson 20 14 124 8.9 0 70
Noah Brown 8 5 54 10.8 0 62.5
Terrance Williams 3 2 18 9 0 66.7
Total/Avg. 310 200 2535 12.55 15 64%

Let’s chat a while about the Cowboys receivers and what a difference one man made to this entire team. No, we’re not talking Cole Beasley though he can’t stop talking about the Dallas Cowboys. We’re talking about the incomparable Amari Cooper. Last year’s ability to make the postseason and have a fighting chance is tied in the decision to trade for the young superstar. The Cowboys of last season were headed south at receiver fast and were revived by admitting their previous mistake.

Good for the Cowboys, good for the fans, especially good for their hopes in 2019. Amari Cooper is your clear-cut number one option but you have to like what Dallas did to bolster the position a little too. The aforementioned Cole Beasley is like a spurned former lover, trying to make the best of his newfound relationship but can’t help but be jealous of how his ex has moved on. That’s because the Cowboys went after and snagged Randall Cobb, a guy that has had a couple of down years but still has a lot left in the tank. Cobb is a bit younger and whole lot more explosive than the man he hopes to replace. It cannot go without mentioning that the Cowboys got a way better price on that new addition than they would have paid to keep the previous model as well.

After Cobb, the Cowboys have an emerging playmaker in Michael Gallup, who is entering his sophomore season. As far as a number two option, a big-body guy with a keen eye for route running and deceptive abilities in run after catch is a fantastic option opposite of Cooper. After such a horrific ending to his first season with Dallas, Allen Hurns has done everything in his power to remain in the conversation. He’s going to have a role in this offense and the potential is still very high for him. Tavon Austin has also had a string of bad luck with injuries but at worst, you have an explosive return man. At best, you might have an offensive coordinator with a few plans to use the explosive speed Austin brings to the table.

Now, at the bottom of the roster, it’s even more of a crowded room as you might have one, maybe two spots, and seven guys fighting for it. Reggie Davis has turned heads early in this OTA portion of the offseason program and has coaches talking about him with high regard. Lance Lenoir has made small strides in his time in Dallas but this is likely a make-or-break year for his overall status with the team. The two UDFA prospects, Jalen Guyton and Jon’Vea Johnson, were on the Cowboys draft radar. Though they were able to snag them in free agency following the draft, both guys were super-productive with traits that elevate their abilities to make a case for a roster spot.

Conclusion: How can you not feel a little better about where the Cowboys are now than where they were? Think about the opportunities this roster has now that it is in different hands with Kellen Moore. Maybe all the offseason hype from the players is a facade, then again, maybe Moore is capable of bringing a fresh look to the Cowboys’ passing game. The Cowboys are in a much better position at receiver heading into this training camp than they were last year, that’s just a fact.

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