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Report: Dak Prescott could be looking for $34M per year deal

Negotiations are ongoing, but the Dak Prescott camp is reportedly setting their bar high.

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Odds are that Dak Prescott is going to sign a long-term contract with the Dallas Cowboys at some point before the season starts. Odds also are that it’s going to be for quite a lot of money. Prescott has been on a very cheap rookie contract for three years now, so it stands to reason that his team of representatives want to see him break the bank as much as he can (all representatives want to see this always).

The Carson Wentz deal will cost the Eagles $32M per season, and that’s a worthy investment if you believe him to be a franchise-altering player. The same is true for Dak Prescott and any other young quarterback, the days of $30M per season being the bar have been shattered (they were born just a year ago).

Highest Paid Quarterbacks in the NFL by Annual Salary

  1. Russell Wilson............ $35M per season
  2. Ben Roethlisberger.... $34M per season
  3. Aaron Rodgers........... $33.5M per season
  4. Carson Wentz............. $32M per season
  5. Matt Ryan................... $30M per season

Debate about Prescott has indeed encircled that $30M mark. Considering the post-Wentz world that we now live in, Prescott is going to do an Ezekiel Elliot-like hurdle over that mark quite easily. In fact, according to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Dak’s people have floated out $34M per season in contract discussions with the Cowboys.

The new deal signed by Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz, worth $32 million annually in new money, was not lost on Prescott.

While that deal could impact his negotiations with the Cowboys, as the team is analyzing all 60 pages of Wentz’s new contract, per source, know that Todd France and CAA have broached a deal in the range of $34 million annually, according to someone with knowledge of the talks.

This would tie Prescott with Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger as far as annual salary is concerned, having him trail only Seattle’s Russell Wilson (who sits atop the pile at $35M). That would be quite the commitment and in reality it really is the going rate. The trick is obviously determining whether or not Prescott is worth the going rate.

Perhaps the real trick is getting a room of people to agree on whether he is or isn’t as the subject of Prescott’s looming deal has inspired debates akin to the ones that launched his career, whether he should play ahead of Tony Romo. Those days are long in the rearview mirror and soon enough these will be as well, but you can’t help but notice how staggering of a figure $34M per season is.

The FWST also mentions that the Cowboys are pouring over the deal that the Eagles just signed with their quarterback, and there’s apparently good reason to. According to NFL circles the deal that Wentz signed with Philly is more complicated than most, partly due to the upcoming expiring CBA.

Contracts are a difficult thing, and so is negotiating them. It’s the responsibility of Dak Prescott’s representatives to ensure that he gets as much as he can, and asking for $34M per year may be part of that overall plan. It could be a starting point or and endgame. We simply don’t know at this point.

What is known is that Dak Prescott is going to be a much richer man soon. How rich? It ultimately will not matter. But a lot of people will tell you that it does.

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