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Michael Thomas reportedly asking for $22 mil a year, Amari Cooper’s camp probably taking notes

The wide receiver contract market has some big numbers being pitched around

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Among the Cowboys stars looking for new contracts is wide receiver Amari Cooper. So what happens on the wide receiver market with other marquee players is of significance. It’s the same for all positions. When Carson Wentz signed his news deal, it set precedence for the deal that Dak Prescott might get. The Wentz deal averaged around $32 million a year annually, and it has been reported that the Prescott camp is asking for something in the range of $34 million a year. That doesn’t mean he’ll get that much, but it’s a bar his camp is setting.

In Cooper’s case, the closest competitor that is close to getting some kind of new deal appears to be the Saints Michael Thomas. And we now have a reported bar that his camp has set, and it’s a high one. $22 million annually.

That $22 million number is significantly higher than the current highest deal for Odell Beckham, Jr. That $18 million a year number the Saints have thrown out there would match what Beckham, Jr. is getting. Here are the wide receivers getting over $16 million a year.

Odell Beckham, Jr. $18 mil
Antonio Brown $16.7 mil
Mike Evans $16.5 mil
DeAndre Hopkins $16.2 mil
Brandin Cooks $16.2 mil
Adam Thielen $16.05 mil
Sammy Watkins $16 mil

Amari Cooper’s camp is surely watching what is going on with the Thomas negotiations. Thomas has put together a very strong three years in the NFL, but his stats are no doubt buoyed by the combo of Drew Brees’ skill and Sean Payton’s offensive acumen.

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