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Amari Cooper: I haven’t played with too many guys like Dak Prescott

The Cowboys star wide receiver had a lot to say on Monday.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Amari Cooper has a reputation for being quiet, that is off of the field at least.

The thing is, if you truly listen then you know when and what Amari Cooper is trying to say. For example, after the Dallas Cowboys defeated the Philadelphia Eagles for the second time last season (a beautiful sentence) Cooper spoke up about how he helped Dak Prescott change the game.

Cooper made an appearance on ESPN’s First Take on Monday and as you can imagine he was peppered with some of the biggest offseason questions surrounding the Cowboys. One of those lingering doubts is whether or not Dak Prescott ultimately deserves to be paid, and if so how much. Cooper went on record... it should be a lot.

“I haven’t played with too many guys like Dak Prescott. I think he definitely deserves everything that’s coming to him and he definitely deserves to be paid amongst the highest-paid quarterbacks in the league.”

Obviously Cooper is going to defend his quarterback, but the level to which he emphasized Prescott’s love for the game is impressive. It’s clear that Prescott has Cooper’s respect and that’s what you want in a symbiotic relationship like a quarterback and receiver should have.

What’s crystal clear though is that Cooper has a lot of respect in general, especially for the game of football. As a follow-up to this question hewas asked about his own pending contractual situation, specifically whether he deserves to be the highest-paid receiver in the NFL. He answered the question as flawlessly as you can.

“Not now. Definitely looking forward to earning that respect and definitely looking forward to coming into this year and just putting up those numbers for my team and really showing what I can do in a full season as a Dallas Cowboy. I know that I have the skillset to be one of the highest-paid receivers. I’m just all about going out there and proving it.”

What kind of person would openly answer that they don’t deserve to be the highest-paid receiver if they were coming off of the season Cooper is? He was phenomenal in 2018, yet here he sits as one of the most humble receivers in the game. It’s refreshing.

Amari Cooper is a very special talent, and a very special person. Having him around is going to make the Cowboys good for a long time, especially if it’s in sequence with his quarterback Dak Prescott.

Way to go, Amari.

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