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Randall Cobb calls Packers “the ex-girlfriend that broke up with you”

Randall Cobb dishes on leaving the Packers and how it’s been with his new team, the Cowboys.

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New Cowboys receiver sounds like a jilted lover who is hoping to land on his feet. In a recent interview, Cobb made it clear that while he’s happy to be in Dallas and thinks he’s starting to fit in, he still has some feels about his old team.

“It’s like the ex-girlfriend that broke up with you,” Cobb said. “When you see her five years later, you hope you’re in a better situation than you were before — married, with kids, and you’re able to say, ‘Yeah, I did better without you.’”

Cobb spent eight years with the Packers and counts Aaron Rodgers among his closest friends. So there’s no doubt leaving that behind is tough, but the Packers essentially made the decision for him when they didn’t even offer him a contract.

“I didn’t really have any conversation personally. I don’t know how much conversation there was between my agent and the Packers organization. But I know there was never an offer put on the table — before or after the offer from Dallas and a couple other teams,” Cobb said. “I think it kind of made my decision easier. If the Packers would have made an offer, I would obviously have had to weigh that decision. But I’m very excited and very happy to be down in Dallas. I think it’s a great situation and I look forward to this season.”

The Cowboys are thrilled to have Cobb. After losing Cole Beasley in free agency, the team needed a replacement. It’s conceivable they actually got an upgrade. Even though we’ve only been through OTAs and minicamp, Cobb is the one player that has been singled out multiple times as the biggest surprise or smartest move. The connection he has formed with Dak Prescott has been pretty much instantaneous and the team really appreciates the professionalism Cobb brings with him, not to mention his versatility.

Cobb uses a different comparison than the ex-girlfriend one when he describes his move to Dallas, he goes with the new kid at school.

“The transition’s been great. Obviously, it was a little weird at first,” Cobb said. “When you’re somewhere for eight years and then you go to a different team, you kind of feel like the new kid at school — just trying to find your way around and not knowing exactly what to expect.”

“When you go to a new team, obviously a lot of these guys know me, we played against each other. But it’s different. They want to know what kind of practice player you are. They want to know what kind of teammate you’re going to be. And is it all about you? Are you just worried about yourself? Or are you going to try to make the guys around you better? The biggest thing for me in this whole process was just trying to earn the respect of my new teammates and do everything I can to better myself and better those around me.”

From all reports, Cobb has fit in perfectly and his skills on the field have the team excited. The one issue that everyone hopes to avoid is injury, something that has given Cobb problems in recent years. It’s probably one the main reasons the Packers decided to move on; they were cautious about relying on Cobb and wanted to get younger. If he can avoid injury in Dallas, it’s very likely he will be able to say ‘Yeah, I did better without you’ to his ex-girlfriend Green Bay.

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