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There is already a forgotten man in the middle of the Cowboys defensive line

Don’t forget about Christian Covington.

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Houston Texans Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

There’s no question that one of the strengths of the Dallas Cowboys is their defensive line. A lot of that is due in part to the whisperer heading their defensive staff, Rod Marinelli.

So much of the hype around the defensive line though obviously centers around the talent involved. The Cowboys have players like DeMarcus Lawrence, the newly added Robert Quinn, and the freshly drafted Trysten Hill.

Of course there are some returning contributors like Tyrone Crawford worth counting on, and there’s already quite the line forming to get on the Kerry Hyder bandwagon. Amidst all of this, a good problem to have mind you, lies one of the Cowboys free agency acquisitions that people are seemingly forgetting about... Christian Covington.

With so many options to plant a flag behind there aren’t necessarily that many people advocating for Covington all too often. In fact. the only hype he’s gotten has been of the “under the radar” variety.

When we’ve looked at potential 53-man rosters for the Cowboys there have often been times where Covington didn’t make the cut. There’s a lot of competition at defensive tackle.

Dallas Cowboys defensive tackles:

  • Maliek Collins
  • Antwaun Woods
  • Trysten Hill
  • Tyrone Crawford (sort of)
  • Christian Covington
  • Daniel Ross

So much of Christian’s potential with the Cowboys is going to depend on how deep they go at other positions. They’re dealing with contract years for Collins and Woods so the future of the interior is definitely not set, but it’s the hope of everyone that it will be addressed by Hill’s rise at the position.

It’s a rare thing for someone to come in with a sort of splash like Covington and then for him to be so forgotten by many just a few months later. His size and athleticism seem to be traits that Rod Marinelli can work with, but with needing to develop the team’s first draft pick it could just be a logistical issue that could plague Covington during his days in Dallas.

Either way, one of the team’s starters at this point was a guy in Covington’s shoes just a year ago. Before last season, Antwaun Woods was a fan favorite that had shown a lot of promise and potential, a season under Rod Marinelli truly can do wonders for guys.

Don’t forget about Christian Covington. He’s going to make camp fun.

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