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Carson Wentz contract led to a Twitter war between DeMarcus Lawrence and Lane Johnson

The Cowboys and Eagles games this year should be very entertaining.

NFL: Pro Bowl-NFC Practice Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

On Thursday the Philadelphia Eagles locked down quarterback Carson Wentz with a four-year, $128M contract extension. That’s a big deal.

The implications of Went’z new contract will reach the Cowboys as Dak Prescott is also eligible for a new deal. Reports are that he and the team are “not close” at the moment, but if there’s anybody who wants to get close to someone it’s DeMarcus Lawrence to Carson Wentz.

Tank, who got his own big payday this offseason, has never been shy when it comes to his thoughts and opinions. He’s quite vocal on social media and the Wentz news served as the latest reason for him to sound off. He is excited for the opportunity to prove himself against a quarterback who just got paid.

There was nothing ridiculously offensive about this. It’s Lawrence focusing himself and his teammates, he is the leader of the defense after all. Any time you can motivate yourself is certainly a time you should capitalize on in the NFL.

Not everybody found this to be so humorous, though. Obviously Eagles fans were upset about it, but that even extended to their own players. Eagles offensive lineman Lane Johnson took exception with the tweet and went to bat for his quarterback. Good for him.

Eagles faithful (they’re an adorable group) began pounding the table about how Lawrence has never recorded a sack against Philadelphia, and they took this to be a badge of honor for Johnson.

The thing about the game of football though is that there are so many more things of value than sacks, yards, or any particular statistical measure. Lawrence himself pointed out that he has indeed gotten the better of the Eagles, it just doesn’t show up in the box score.

The Cowboys and Eagles figure to be the top two teams in the NFC East last year. The last three division titles have been won by the two of them (a majority by Dallas) and they have the division’s most promising quarterbacks as of now.

Eagles week will be interesting, especially for Lane Johnson and Tank Lawrence.

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