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Report: Security guard from Las Vegas incident is pressing charges against Ezekiel Elliott

This story isn’t fully over.

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Just when you thought you’d heard the last from the Ezekiel Elliott issue in Las Vegas, think again.

A quick refresher on where we are and how we got here:

  • At a music festival in Las Vegas back in May, Elliott was handcuffed (not arrested) after an altercation with a security guard.
  • The security guard, Kyle Johnson, publicly said that all he wanted from Elliott was a sincere apology.
  • The NFL launched an investigation into the incident.
  • Elliott issued a public apology for his actions and vowed to be better (an apology in which he specifically mentioned having apologized to Kyle Johnson and that he “meant it”).
  • The league determined that there would no punishment.

As noted, we have still not reached the end of this story. FOX 5 Vegas reported that Kyle Johnson is now pressing charges against Zeke over the incident.

Kyle Johnson: To just not have anything happen to him... The NFL is basically saying, “hey, you know, it’s okay for you to go to Vegas, get obliterated, and then go shove people over fences.”

Johnson says in this interview that his father has a legal background and it was his intention to consult with him before figuring out that he did in fact want to press charges. The report that he would indeed be doing so came on July 12th, the incident in question took place in late May, approximately a month and a half before.

Kelly Johnson, Kyle’s father, also makes an appearance in the interview. He goes as far as saying what would have happened had he been in attendance with his son.

Kelly Johnson: If I’d been there, Zeke would have been the next guy on the ground.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this considering the NFL already announced that there would be no punishment for Elliott. It would obviously be strange for them to pull a 180 on that, but we’ve seen the league make stranger decisions before.

Update: 2:09am ET

Ezekiel Elliott’s legal representation has issued a statement on this matter.

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