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Rico Gathers on not being part of apparent Cowboys group workout: lmao no invite

Looks like Rico Gathers is feeling left out.

Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

It wasn’t that long ago (like... it was very recently) that we were talking about Rico Gathers once again. In the biggest shock of the century super predictable fashion, he was complaining about his status on the Cowboys roster.

Gathers went on record as calling the team’s depth chart as “predetermined”, but that’s kind of the case across the entire National Football League, is it not? There are roster spots that are effectively locked up, nobody goes to camp with 53 spaces truly available.

Recently, a few Cowboys whose spots (generally) are safe on the roster got together for a workout. They even documented this occasion and Dak Prescott shared it on Instagram. It’s always cool to see the team get together to work on the goal that we all have in mind.

Left to right you’re looking at Jason Witten, Amari Cooper, Darius Jackson, Dalton Schultz, Dak Prescott, Allen Hurns, Randall Cobb, and Blake Jarwin. With the exception of Darius Jackson (much to the chagrin of Radius truthers), those spots all seem to be cemented as far as the 2019 season is concerned (some would argue Allen Hurns, but you get the picture).

You might have noticed that Dak established the location on the post as San Diego, California. A Twitter user pointed out to me that the Carolina Panthers were training there right before the Cowboys, while that may be true we only know what we know and that’s who is in the photo... and who isn’t.

You might have also noticed then that there are a lot of Cowboys who aren’t in the photo, Rico Gathers is just one of them. When somebody asked Gathers on the Instagram post where he was he responded “lmao no invite.

I’m not saying that Gathers responding like this is a bad thing, but it’s definitely not a great thing for him to be publicly saying like this that he wasn’t invited on what was an apparently well-coordinated trip (much of the same crew was also seen golfing together over the weekend). It’s not a bad look for Gathers, but it doesn’t look well that he’s - very publicly - somewhat putting his teammates on blast for not including him.

Maybe there’s a reason why Gathers wasn’t invited, heck there are a lot of players who aren’t there. A lot of people on social media were wondering where Michael Gallup was as well, but it’s possible that he was too preoccupied over the weekend attending Leighton Vander Esch’s wedding (congrats LVE!).

Training camp begins soon. Rico Gathers definitely has an invitation to that. Let’s see how it goes.

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