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Madden 20 thinks the two highest-rated NFL teams reside in the NFC East

Have the Cowboys risen to the top?

NFL: DEC 09 Eagles at Cowboys Photo by Matthew Pearce/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

On the one hand, the ratings from the video game Madden 20 really don’t mean anything. Sure, the makers of the game will tell you they try their best to make it as accurate as possible and they take great care in assigning ratings. Still, in the end they are like any other rankings out there, good for debate, but ultimately have a mixed-record of accuracy.

That doesn’t stop NFL players from taking their shots if they don’t like their rating. Cowboys defensive end DeMarcus Lawrence sure didn’t take to kindly to his rating.

Well, Tank can take some solace in the Cowboys overall rating. As a team, the Cowboys roster is ranked second overall. That’s ahead of teams like New England, New Orleans and Los Angeles (both teams). The Cowboys overall rating is 88 and are very balanced with 86 ratings on offense and defense. In contrast, a team like the Saints (tied for third) have a 92 offensive rating but fall to 82 on defense for an 87 overall.

While the rating is a nod to the Cowboys strong roster, fans can’t get too excited about it. Why? The Philadelphia Eagles edge the Cowboys out for the top spot with an 89 rating. The Eagles rate 87 on offense and 84 on defense. Basically, the two best teams, at least by roster ratings according to EA Sports, reside in the NFC East.

Our friends in Washington get an 83 rating, which would seem a little high. The Giants, though, rate a 77, only ahead of the Miami Dolphins as the worst.

Connor Livesay broke down the individual rankings for the Cowboys players previously, you can see that here.

You can view the full team-ratings here.

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