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Tyrone Crawford reaches deal to get charges dropped

It now clears the way for the league to decide what, if anything, to do about the bar incident he was involved in.

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Dallas Cowboys v New York Giants Photo by Al Pereira/Getty Images

While Ezekiel Elliott has apparently avoided any disciplinary action regarding his incident in Las Vegas, the Dallas Cowboys still have been waiting to find out what, if any, action would be taken by the NFL regarding the bar brawl Tyrone Crawford was involved in. That fight, in March of this year while he was in Florida, led to a misdemeanor charge in May, to which Crawford pleaded not guilty. Now, according to an article from Bleacher Report (and others), Crawford has a deal to get the charges dropped.

Dallas Cowboys defensive end Tyrone Crawford has entered a pre-trial diversion program in connection to a March altercation at a bar in Panama City Beach, Florida, according to court records obtained by TMZ Sports.

Upon completing the program, Crawford will have his misdemeanor charge of unlawful assembly dropped.

This does not keep the NFL from taking disciplinary action against him, but it does clear the way for the league to now conclude its investigation and announce a decision. There is no timeline for such, and no real guide. The league office does these things in its own inscrutable fashion.

It would obviously be to the team’s benefit to find out before the start of the regular season if any suspension will be involved. It is all but certain nothing can be decided before the start of training camp at the end of next week. The best case would clearly be no suspension, perhaps with a fine, but even if the commissioner feels that some punishment is warranted, it hopefully will not be a severe one. In Crawford’s favor, he has tacitly admitted some responsibility by agreeing to enter the diversion program, which is something the league apparently likes to see. The willingness of the local authorities to drop the charge also should be seen as a positive sign. On the flip side, it was an ugly incident, and caught on video which was all over social media.

We will keep you appraised of future developments while we hope for a good outcome.

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