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The Cowboys group in San Diego last weekend was apparently working on their speed

You can’t teach speed, or can you? The Cowboys are finding out.

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Over the weekend, the world of social media allowed showed us some select members of the Dallas Cowboys that were training together in San Diego. Team camaraderie is always good.

Exactly what the team was doing remained a bit unknown. Obviously there was a level of organization here, so there was a purpose. Social media has come up clutch yet again and given us a bit more insight as to what exactly this group of offensive players was up to. The crew was training with Les Spellman.

These are all, as mentioned, offensive players for the Cowboys which means their purpose is to score points. In order to do that you have to be efficient and fast, and thankfully Les specializes in speed. A bit about him and his work for those unaware:

The Spellman Performance story is personal – as is every element of our approach to helping athletes transform their approach to speed.

His passion for speed has its roots in his own experience as a young athlete who fractured his femur at 17 years old in a near-death car accident. He was left debilitated with a metal rod in his femur and forced to learn how to walk again.

Les wasn’t satisfied with simply walking – he wanted to run – to fly! He immersed himself in the study of advanced biomechanics and speed training techniques. He learned. He reengineered his speed skills. And he more than walked – he ran his way on to the elite Division 1 program at Temple University.

Les is now sharing his years of INSIGHT and achievements to inspire a new generation of athletes – personalizing training programs to teach them how to master their own skills and speed; how to transfer skills to their sport; how to ACCELERATE THEIR DREAMS.

There are a lot of details to this type of training, and for what it’s worth the Cowboys weren’t alone in seeking him out. The Carolina Panthers also trained with Les and the group.

There’s more to see from the time Dallas spent in San Diego. We put together a thread on the Blogging The Boys official Twitter account if you’d like to see (make sure you follow us), it begins with this tweet.

Hopefully that speed translates on the field when it counts.

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