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Ezekiel Elliott released an apology statement after meeting with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell

Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott made a public statement.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Minicamp Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Ezekiel Elliott met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday in an effort to discuss what happened out at a Las Vegas music festival earlier this offseason.

Zeke was handcuffed but not arrested, and considering he was already on thin ice with the NFL due to being suspended two years ago this quickly became something that the league began investigating.

It is not yet known exactly what will come of Zeke’s meeting with the commissioner as far as potential punishment, but one thing has happened. On Tuesday afternoon the running back released a statement where he acknowledged that he has to do better.

Earlier today, I met with the Commissioner to share with him what occurred in Las Vegas and what I have learned from that incident.

I’ve worked hard to make better decisions and to live up to the high standards that are expected of me.

I failed to do that here and I made a poor decision.

I apologized to Kyle Johnson at the time and I meant it.

I need to work harder to ensure I do not put myself in compromised situations in the future. I am rededicating myself to use all of the resources that the league has made available. But in the end, it is up to me and I am determined not to be in this position again.


It’s possible that the releasing of this statement was something that the commissioner was a part of planning and/or recommending. You’ll notice that there are a lot of “I” statements which put a lot of ownership and accountability on Zeke’s shoulders, perhaps something that the commissioner wants to see.

Again, there’s no telling what will happen as a result of Elliott’s meeting with Goodell; however, we’re already off to a very different start than the last incident the running back was involved with. If this is what the commissioner wanted and subsequently got, it’s possible that this may be behind everyone. But you never know.

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