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The growing consensus seems to be that Ezekiel Elliott won’t be suspended

Various people seem to think he won’t be.

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Tuesday was a big day for Ezekiel Elliott as he met with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell regarding the incident in which he was handcuffed, but not arrested, out in Las Vegas earlier this offseason.

It’s unclear at the moment what exactly will result from said meeting, but we do know that one thing emerged. Zeke apologized for the incident publicly, vowing to be better and utilize the resources that he’s been given in a more proper manner.

Is that enough, though? This is the NFL we’re talking about, and this is Ezekiel Elliott. When you talk about him meeting with Roger Goodell you’re quick to remember two years ago when Zeke and the league went back and forth in a public battle regarding a six-game suspension. Elliott ultimately “lost” and was forced to sit out for half a dozen games, and the NFL seemed like they would continue operating how they wanted to. That’s the way it is, unfortunately.

It’s possible that this public apology could be all that Roger Goodell wanted to see from Elliott. Perhaps Goodell even wants to see the fallout from the apology and see how it is received in the court of public opinion. We simply do not know how the league is going to handle any potential punishment as they have been unpredictable on this front with many different players.

NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo tweeted that the “educated hunch” is that Zeke will in fact avoid a suspension. That’s certainly great to hear. He elaborated on it on Tuesday’s edition of NFL Total Access.

Hearing anything like this bodes well for Cowboys fans as nobody wants to see Zeke miss any time. It’s not hard to recall exactly how bad the offense was without him two years ago, although to be fair it’s a very different thing to plan for that with two months time versus him being yanked from the team in the middle of the season.

What’s more here is that Garafolo’s colleague, NFL Network’s Jane Slater, also expressed a level of optimism that Elliott won’t face punishment in the form of suspension. This is now two insiders, one of which is among the most inside regarding Cowboys news, that are saying this. That’s good.

It’s also great to see that the Las Vegas police were merely “protecting” when they handcuffed him and that even they themselves didn’t buy exactly what was being sold. Although once again to be fair, what happens in a court of law often doesn’t exactly mirror what happens in the court of the National Football League.

Two prominent NFL reporters seem to think that Ezekiel Elliott won’t be suspended over this incident, although it’s clear to see that at worst he flew pretty close to the sun in the eyes of the league. If what ultimately comes from this is a heightened level of awareness and behavior from Zeke without a suspension then things will be looking quite alright for the Cowboys.

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