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New Orleans Saints WR Michael Thomas: Pay Ezekiel Elliott!

Buckeyes stick together.

New Orleans Saints v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

When he’s not being covered by Byron Jones, New Orleans Saints wideout Michael Thomas is one of the best receivers in the National Football League.

Three years in the NFL means Thomas is eligible for a contract extension, and what happens with him is going to impact the Cowboys due to talks with Amari Cooper. Thomas is offering other things that will influence Dallas though, specifically with regards to his former teammate Ezekiel Elliott.

Both Zeke and Thomas were drafted in 2016 out of The University of Ohio State. As such, the two are obviously close and on Monday, Elliott’s birthday, the latter took to Twitter to suggest a birthday present... pay Ezekiel Elliott.

Contract talks with Elliott have been quite touchy over this offseason although that’s really only been the case as of late. We’re dealing with reports that the running back may hold out from the beginning (at least) of training camp and that he’s headed out of the country this week. So much is unknown but it is apparent that those close to Zeke are rooting for him.

Of course, all players are rooting for each other. It’s only natural for them to want to see their peers get paid, playing in the NFL is obviously something that only happens for talented people, but they need to maximize their earning potential as much as possible. Zeke and Thomas are only doing what anybody else would with their respective teams.

Maybe next time Elliott and Stephen Jones are in contract talks the former can call up Michael Thomas for some encouraging words. If it were up to Michael Thomas then Stephen Jones would be paying Zeke a lot of money and probably doing so very soon.

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