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Three Cowboys make latest NFLPA Top 50 merchandise sales list

People still love the Cowboys.

NFL: NFC Wild Card-Seattle Seahawks at Dallas Cowboys Shane Roper-USA TODAY Sports

This week it was announced that the Dallas Cowboys are still the most valuable sports team in the world. Such has now been the case for four straight years. Nice.

A lot of that has to do with merchandise sales and we all know that America’s Team certainly isn’t hurting in that department. When you think about how many caps, t-shirts, novelty items, and of course jerseys are sold across the NFL then you know that you’ve seen plenty of Cowboys navy and white uniforms surrounding stadiums everywhere.

On Wednesday the NFLPA dropped the latest merchandise sales list. This is a ranking of how much was sold by specific players and typically we see various members of the Cowboys on top.

The latest sample size covers the time period between March 1st and May 31st of this year. It’s important to note that a lot of players changed teams in free agency and through trades so typically those are the ones that do well this time of year. There are three Cowboys on the list.

  1. Tom Brady, New England Patriots
  2. Odell Beckham Jr., Cleveland Browns
  3. Khalil Mack, Chicago Bears
  4. Sam Darnold, New York Jets
  5. Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns
  6. Pat Mahomes, Kansas City Chiefs
  7. Aaron Rodgers, Green Bay Packers
  8. Antonio Brown, Oakland Raiders
  9. Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys
  10. Saquon Barkley, New York Giants
  11. Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears
  12. Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans
  13. Carson Wentz, Philadelphia Eagles
  14. J.J. Watt, Houston Texans
  15. Julian Edelman, New England Patriots
  16. Jamal Adams, New York Jets
  17. Rob Gronkowski, New England Patriots
  18. Nick Foles, Jacksonville Jaguars
  19. Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys
  20. Drew Brees, New Orleans Saints

As you can see there are only two Cowboys in the top 20, but Leighton Vander Esch came in at number 49 (only Stephon Gilmore trailed him). You might also be wondering how someone like Sam Darnold can be so high, in addition to noting that several players here changed teams it should also be said that the Jets debuted new uniforms this offseason so their fans need to get caught up.

It’s mind-boggling how Tom Brady continues to top lists like these given that he’s been in the NFL for two decades at this point. You would imagine that whoever wanted a Brady jersey by now would have gotten one by now.

While there are three Cowboys on the list it’s curious to see that neither Amari Cooper nor DeMarcus Lawrence made it. They’re both huge stars (Lawrence now even a very rich one) on one of the most visible teams in the NFL (and across sports). Perhaps they’ll make an appearance at some point in the near future.

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