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Cowboys Camp Day 2: Turns out to be a pretty good day for Amari Cooper

You really have to be careful what you read or click on, Amari Cooper was victim of an internet injury hoax.

NFL: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The second day of Cowboys Camp has concluded but it was what occurred before practice began that started a social media panic among some Cowboys fans.

Amari Cooper is just fine, folks!

Someone thought it would be really funny to tag Amari Cooper as being the latest player to be carted off the field but that’s the landscape we all live in these days.

Amari Cooper was just fine as the circulating rumor was shot down by every Cowboys beat writer rather quickly. In fact, Amari Cooper kind of had himself a pretty good day for a no-pads practice with a little assistance from his quarterback Dak Prescott.

Jason Garrett is a little more hands-on

Cowboys coach Jason Garrett spoke to the media about him having an increased role with the offense. With two first-time assistants in Kellen Moore and Jon Kitna, Garrett wants to coach up his coaches as well.

With it being a crucial contract year for Garrett, he’s going to make sure he’s as involved as possible, as he should be.

Everyone is running with the ones

Yesterday, Darius Jackson was getting a lot of the reps with the ones but the Cowboys opened it up a little more on Sunday.

Here’s the kicker: There is another kicker

We mentioned Brett Maher’s job being on shaky ground and he didn’t get off to a great start yesterday when he clanged one off the uprights. Well, for what it’s worth, the Cowboys do have another kicker out there but so far, they both have a miss a piece. Garrett was cranking up the music on these kickers today, trying to amp up the pressure.

The Cowboys receivers look solid thus far but the challenge awaits

Outside of Amari Cooper, the Cowboys have a stable of other hungry receivers. Early returns suggest quite a connection building between Randall Cobb and Dak Prescott:

The rookie Jon’Vea Johnson was turning a few heads as well with his abilities to track the ball deep. Rookie Jalen Guyton also made a nice sideline snag but these have been some low-key practices to start and the challenge begins when the pads come on.

One last check on Amari Cooper....He’s pretty damn good, folks.

Stay tuned as Cowboys Camp will get a heavy dose of competition when they start padded practices tomorrow.

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