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Film Room: How can Mike Weber help fill the current Ezekiel Elliott void?

The rookie has some potential.

Although J.K Dobbins has taken the majority of the carries over the past few seasons, Ohio State running back Mike Weber is a productive and balanced running back. With Ezekiel Elliott not reporting to camp on time, Weber could play a surprisingly large role for the Cowboys this season. Much like Elliott, Weber can catch and protect the passer, but is best running the ball.

Early in the Oregon State game Weber took a handoff from now-Washington Redskins quarterback Dwayne Haskins inside the redzone. Weber showed excellent vision reading his lead blocker who kicks out the linebacker. Then he demonstrates power breaking two tackles on his way to the endzone.

Later in that same game the Buckeyes ran a similar play. This time his lead blocker sealed the linebacker inside and Weber hits the edge with great speed. He then worked to the outside setting up the receiver’s block. This allowed Weber to cut back to the inside and take the ball 49 yards for a touchdown.

The best running backs are like water: They find the fastest way down field. In the fourth quarter of the Michigan game, Weber had little room to work against a talented Wolverine front. Many backs would bounce the ball out wide in this situation, but that can often lead to a loss. Weber finds a tiny gap between the center and guard and leans away from pursuit on his way to a big gain.

The Cowboys got a steal by acquiring Weber in the seventh round of the NFL Draft. He is a talented rusher who can carry a load when called upon, but after sharing the backfield in college he comes in with fresh legs.

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