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Michael Gallup on Kellen Moore: He’s trying to let Dak Prescott throw the deep ball cause Dak wants to throw it

Kellen Moore is unlocking Dak Prescott’s deep ball.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

We’re a few days into training camp at this point and nobody has had more eyes on them than new Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore.

The first-year coordinator is being tasked with something quite large, fixing the offense of the world’s most visible sports team. Many believe that Moore, simply by being a person who is not Scott Linehan, is already an improvement over the last regime, but unfortunately it’s not that easy.

Early on it’s clear that Moore has had an impact. The Cowboys have used a lot of pre-snap motion which up until now seemed only like a fairytale as far as supporters of this club were concerned. Another difference that Moore has brought is an emphasis on the deep ball. Dak Prescott has been going long a lot through a few practices.

Many believe that Dak Prescott can’t throw the deep ball but statistically that hasn’t been the case. Dak can absolutely throw it deep and what’s more is he wants to, he just needs more opportunity.

During an interview with ESPN San Antonio Michael Gallup elaborated on this and was specific to give Moore credit for how this is going to be a thing moving forward. That’s good.

Michael Gallup: Kellen, he just, he’s showing a whole different way for everybody. He’s trying to change things up, put people in different spots. He’s trying to let Dak throw the deep ball because Dak wants to throw the deep ball. Kellen coming in here, he’s a younger guy just like us, so he’s thinking the same way we are. He wants to take the big shots, have a fun game.

This is honestly as encouraging of a thing that someone could say about Kellen Moore right now. To hear that Moore’s youth is translating into the game that the current Cowboys are playing is an ideal situation.

People have been crossing their fingers that Moore will bring college-style concepts to the Cowboys and so to know that he’s doing things that the current team wants to do is such a breath of fresh air. If one of those things is letting Prescott throw the deep ball then all the more power to him.

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