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Alfred Morris on why he chose the Cowboys over Saints: The Lord kind of placed it in my heart

The Butler explains why he chose America’s Team for the second time.

Dallas Cowboys v Oakland Raiders Photo by Lachlan Cunningham/Getty Images

There is no team that Alfred Morris has chosen more throughout his NFL career than the Dallas Cowboys.

The Washington Redskins drafted him back in 2012 so it’s not like he had a say in the matter, but the first time that Alfred had a chance in free agency he chose the Cowboys way back before the 2016 season.

Morris hung with Dallas for two seasons, even getting to be the lead back for a bit during Ezekiel Elliott’s suspension in 2017, but ended up with the San Francisco 49ers last season. On Monday he chose the Cowboys for the second time and is now back where he feels at home. Good for him.

Alfred met with the media following Tuesday’s practice and was asked why he chose the Cowboys. Obviously this is an interesting situation for a running back given Ezekiel Elliott’s holdout, but that had nothing to do with the decision per Morris. He had two opportunities to join NFL rosters as the New Orleans Saints were in the mix. New Orleans reached the NFC Championship Game last season and would theoretically be a great place to play football, so why did he choose the Cowboys over them?

Alfred Morris: It just felt, gut feeling. I just feel like… the Lord kind of placed it in my heart so I was like “I’m going to be obedient” and I chose it.

Morris is quite vocal about his faith and if that’s what brought him back to the Cowboys then that’s obviously great for him. He was firm in that he’s embracing this opportunity with whatever it brings. Asked if he received any assurances that he’ll be on this team moving forward or if his role will change if/when Ezekiel Elliott he returns... he said it doesn’t really matter.

Alfred Morris: No, they didn’t give me any assurances. But that doesn’t matter. I’m Alfred I’m going to come and do what I have to do. I’m always going to show up, I’m going to give my best. Whatever they do in the back end that’s up to them, that’s not my business.

There are a lot of confident players in the NFL, and Morris is definitely among them; however, his confidence isn’t loud or aggressive. He’s confident in who he is and what he believes in. That’s respectable.

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