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Here’s why the Dallas Cowboys are still (and will always be) America’s Team

There can only be one America’s Team.

The Dallas Cowboys have the greatest nickname in all of sports - America’s Team.

This is a name that speaks for itself. They are the team that represents the United States of America. On a day like today, the 4th of July, that means just a little bit more. Earlier today, we talked a little about how they got that name.

Over time (the last 40 years) there have been “challengers” to the red, white, and blue throne that the Cowboys sit atop, but all of those are born out of ridiculous reasons. Like the “Steel Curtain”, “Monsters of the Midway”, or “Purple People Eaters”, “America’s Team” is a nickname that belongs to the Cowboys and is non-transferable.

Some people don’t understand why the Cowboys were given the title to begin with, and a lot of people definitely don’t understand why they still deserve it. We put together a video on the Blogging The Boys YouTube Channel (subscribe right here) to properly articulate the message for the masses.

Happy July 4th. Go Cowboys.

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