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Jason Garrett press conference: Cowboys dealing with a variety of injuries

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media.

Dallas Cowboys v San Francisco 49ers Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Before the Cowboys take the field for practice today, coach Jason Garrett met with the press to discuss all things Cowboys. We might get some clarity on some injuries like the tight ends (Jarwin and Schultz) plus a report that Amari Cooper’s injury might be a little more than we’d been led to believe.

A full recap of what Jason Garrett said (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Injured Cowboys

The Cowboys have had a handful of players who have had to miss time recently and Jason Garrett mentioned that this is something that requires adjusting from the team. The nature of football is that players are going to get hurt and you have to fight your way through that.

Expectations for Amari Cooper

Jason Garrett announced that the Cowboys don’t anticipate Amari Cooper practicing on Tuesday and that they continue to take things day by day. He also noted that the team doesn’t expect Dalton Schultz to do anything and that if Blake Jarwin does anything it’ll be limited.

Jaylon Smith was off on Monday because of a knee issue

Apparently it happened during the San Francisco game. Garrett did acknowledge that it’s the same knee from his previous injury but expects him to go today.

Thoughts on joint practices

Asked for his thoughts on joint practice Jason Garrett said he was a fan if you were with teams that had like-minded values. He described situations that have been really positive where another group of players comes in after you’re so used to hitting each other. He said that you want those situations to be competitive but also said that sometimes it can cross the line.

JVJ injury update

Jon’Vea Johnson had a shoulder issue on Monday per Jason Garrett, and the head coach did announce that all tests proved to be negative. He said JVJ still may be day to day.

The Cowboys have cellphone policies

Asked about the presence of cellphones within the Dallas Cowboys, Garrett surprisingly provided a detail. He said that the Cowboys have a cellphone policy where they don’t like them present during meetings. Of course he referenced a study that’s looked at how students perform with phones in their pocket or when they go off in a classroom. He said that applies to coaches, too.

Mike Martz has been great to have around

The legendary offensive coordinator was hanging out at Cowboys practice on Monday, he has some familiarity with the staff if you remember. Martz was the head coach of the AAF’s San Diego Fleet where Jon Kitna was the offensive coordinator before he left to join the Cowboys staff. Jason Garrett said it’s been fun to have him around and discuss various things with him.

Thoughts on Jason Witten’s full return

Asked if he had any fears of Jason Witten wearing pads again (after a year away), Jason Garrett said that he didn’t feel anything like that when the Cowboys put them on. He was firm in his belief in who Witten is and explained that he’s done a great job listening to what he’s felt called to do, including returning to the Cowboys.

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