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Nike drops the new Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Cowboys shoe collection!

The newest way to represent America’s Team.


There are a lot of ridiculously cool and awesome pieces of merchandise to represent the Dallas Cowboys and Nike just released a new one.

Sure there are jerseys, shirts, caps, and all sorts of other crazy things, but look at these shoes. Personally I own a previous pair of Nike NFL-themed kicks and will tell you that they’re not only incredibly comfortable but obviously a great way to represent America’s Team. They pair great with your go-to Cowboys outfit and are likely the accessory that’s been missing from your overall ensemble.

Since we know a lot of Cowboys fans here are in the business (no pun intended) of wearing their team pride on their sleeve we figured we’d point you in the direction of the best place to get shoes like these. Just follow any of our links and you can be the newest person slipping them on your feet. Enjoy!

The annual Nike Cowboys-themed shoes have dropped!

And they’re available for men and women in a new style as well. Check them out here!

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