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Report: Ezekiel Elliott’s weight is at the lowest it’s been since his rookie year

Zeke may have slimmed down while away.

Dallas Cowboys v Pittsburgh Steelers Photo by Rob Leiter/Getty Images

Ezekiel Elliott hasn’t been training with his teammates at camp in Oxnard, California, but he’s definitely been working out.

How do we know this? On Thursday, a report surfaced that Elliott is at the lowest weight he’s been at since his rookie year back in 2016. He’s apparently down close to 220.

What’s the context of that really, though? How much did he even have to lose? Elliott is one of the most in-shape athletes in the world, but the question about whether he’s “fat” or not has been one that social media has discussed ad nauseam.

Zeke took it upon himself to answer those critics four months ago. On April 23rd, he posted a video to social media that noted he was at 230 even.

Some quick math would tell you that this means Elliott has dropped close to 10 pounds over the course of the last four months. He’s still big and durable enough to take the physical punishment that comes with being a running back, but he’s agile enough to have speed that’s lethal. This is great to see.

We’re all obviously waiting patiently for the moment that Zeke rejoins the Cowboys, but for now this is very good news. Elliott isn’t relaxing in Cabo like some would have you think, he’s training diligently to get ready for the 2019 season.

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