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Tony Romo on Jason Witten: He has that itch and can still play, he’s going to be Jason Witten

BTB caught up with Tony Romo to talk about a whole bunch of things.


These days you can find former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo in a variety of places.

You can catch Romo every Sunday on CBS calling big-time football games. You can also see him on golf courses near you, including atop the leaderboard in some cases. This particular day you can find Tony Romo on the Blogging The Boys podcast feed as he was a special guest on the latest episode of The Ocho.

Romo and I got into a variety of topics. We talked about his current lifestyle, memories of great broadcasting moments, sports fandom in general, and of course his thoughts on the current version of the Dallas Cowboys.

Romo mentioned that he believes Jason Witten is going to be just as reliable as always, and he expressed confidence in new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. He noted what a lot of people have been saying, that the offense likely won’t be drastically different but there will definitely be new wrinkles.

There’s one more place you can find Romo this season, by the way. In addition to the many hats he wears (hopefully backwards if he’s so inclined), he’s entering his second year as the man behind the Corona hotline. If you dial 1-844-9-CORONA during the season you’ll hear various prompts from him and have the ability to win prizes. New Hotline prizes include a Corona Gameday Beer Fridge, or a trip to Clearwater Beach to watch the Big Game.

This is one of a few commercials that will run throughout football season that involve Romo and Corona. There are two more that poke fun at the NFL’s rules changes this offseason and the never-ending rumor that Romo could return to the playing field.

Romo was one of the more enjoyable interviews that I’ve ever been a part of and I truly believe that it’s something you’ll like. Give it a listen and make sure to subscribe to the Blogging The Boys podcast feed (tons of options for however you get your podcasts) in order to get access to all four of our shows (including The 75O with Tony Casillas).

Many thanks to Tony Romo and Corona for making all of this happen.

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