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Report: Ezekiel Elliott and agent Rocky Arceneaux found Jerry Jones’ “Zeke who?” comment disrespectful

Jerry Jones’ comments about Zeke might not have been so funny.

Detroit Lions v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Dallas Cowboys rookie running back Tony Pollard had quite the performance during the team’s preseason game against the Los Angeles Rams last Saturday in Hawaii. He turned a lot of heads and garnered a lot of attention. Among the people impressed was Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Jerry, always aware of the situation around him, spoke about Pollard in what he thought was a funny way during his post-game session with the media. Jerry made what everybody assumed to be a joke and said “Zeke who?” in an effort to break the ice concerning Ezekiel Elliott’s holdout.

Plenty of national outlets ran with the “Zeke who?” line and used it as a header without properly applying the context. Jerry Jones absolutely did not take a shot at Ezekiel Elliott, but if he did that would obviously be big news.

Well, perhaps it is big news anyway. According to ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, neither Ezekiel Elliott nor his agent Rocky Arceneaux found the line to be funny. At all.

It makes sense that a comment like that wouldn’t sit well with Team Elliott, but there are many who probably think that knowing it was a joke should soothe matters. When you’re Ezekiel Elliott though, it makes sense to be rubbed the wrong way by this.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway here is that Chris Mortensen was able to report this. That means that Team Elliott wanted the message that they did not enjoy the comment to be made public. That’s important.

What’s also important to note here is that Mort also reported that Elliott is still in Cabo. There was some internet detective work last Friday night that found (and was later verified by reports) Ezekiel Elliott on a plane, apparently headed back to DFW. If he did head back to DFW did he then go back to Cabo? The details here are a bit foggy as of now.

The Ezekiel Elliott holdout isn’t necessarily super dramatic, but it did take a new turn with this Mortensen tweet. Elliott and his group want Jerry Jones to know that they don’t appreciate his worth being joked about. It’s a serious matter.

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