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Bart Scott just had the worst take on earth about Dak Prescott

Can’t wait.

New York Jets v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Al Pereira/New York Jets/Getty Images

Bart Scott provided us with one of the most meme-able moments of all time when he said “can’t wait” all of those years ago.

On Friday he provided some of the worst sports commentary possible when talking about Dak Prescott. He said the Cowboys would be a better team with Teddy Bridgewater at quarterback. He really said this.

The goal of these shows is to say sensational things so that people talk about them, but something like this is so far out there that it transcends that sort of objective. This is one of the least logical things that someone, even the most avid Dak Prescott hater, could say or think.

There once was a time when Teddy Bridgewater was a good quarterback in the NFL and even when he came back from injury (a great effort on his part) he still had a lot of hype to his name. But we’ve since learned that he’s a fine backup in this league and that seems to be his ceiling.

You can think what you want about Dak Prescott but the reality is that he has one of the most impressive resumes that a third-year quarterback can have. It significantly trumps anything that Teddy Bridgewater has done. Ever.

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