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Amari Cooper dealing with “a form of plantar fasciitis,” plans to be ready for season opener

Cowboys receiver Amari Cooper updates his foot injury and his prospects for playing.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

When Amari Cooper was first injured in training camp, it didn’t seem like a big deal. The injury was first reported as a bruised heel which seem likely to clear up in a week or two at most. Since then, it’s been termed a ligament injury and then the more specific plantar fasciitis. Indeed, that is what is keeping the Cowboys star wide receiver sidelined. As he puts it, “a form of plantar fasciitis.” Nobody ever wants to hear plantar fasciitis as that injury has been known to linger and keep players sidelined for extended periods of time. Cooper, however, believes that he is improving and will play come the regular season.

Asked if he could be effective if he had to play in a regular-season game with it, Cooper said, “Real effective. I mean I played with a lot of foot injuries. High ankle sprains. All those things, so I’m pretty good at playing with foot injuries. But I don’t think I’m going to have to play with it.”

What was once a nuisance is turning into a bit of a concern for the Cowboys. Last year proved how integral Cooper is to making this offense work, any absence by him could be very problematic.

The good news is that Cooper has had this injury before, and he has played on it before. He knows his body and knows where the injury is on the pain scale, and feels good about where it’s headed.

“I’m not worried about it at all, because I know if it does linger, it doesn’t matter,” Cooper said. “I had 1,000 yards when I played on plantar fasciitis before.”

Cooper has been running routes and put the pain level at a 3 when asked what it was on a scale of 1-10.

”It’s not really that bad, especially just walking around,” Cooper said. “But to do the things that I do on the field, obviously I’m cutting really hard, stopping really hard, those things. I haven’t tried to really do that so I couldn’t really tell you.”

Another downside of the injury is that Cooper has missed valuable time getting reps in with quarterback Dak Prescott. He’s also missing time playing with the offense as they implement Kellen Moore’s vision for that side of the ball.

The Cowboys are unlikely to play Cooper at all this preseason, so the first time we will see him is when the team suits up for the opener with the New York Giants. Let’s hope he is ready to go.

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