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Are the Cowboys starting to move on from Mike White?

Dallas might be considering options at QB3.

NFL: Preseason-Dallas Cowboys at San Francisco 49ers Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

One of the biggest things that we’ve learned through two preseason games this season is that Mike White is not going to be the backup quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

White, drafted by the team a year ago, has done little (being kind) to challenge Cooper Rush for the right to sit behind Dak Prescott on the team’s depth chart. Through two preseason games he has shown signs of regression more than anything.

This has caused for a lot of Cowboys fans to call for the team to find any option that isn’t Mike White to take snaps as the team’s third quarterback. While the frustration and desire to see something else is understandable, the Cowboys have the third and fourth preseason games remaining. Backups will play less in the third than in an average preseason contest and it’s not like you really want to risk Cooper Rush in the fourth at all if he truly is going to be the backup this season. The point is simply that maybe you have to just ride this out until you move on in a few weeks.

The Cowboys might feel differently, though. Perhaps they are indeed ready to see someone else, someone who has been on the roster behind White for a few weeks. Apparently Taryn Christion got his hand at snaps with the team’s third string on Tuesday.

We’ve seen the Cowboys utilize Christion in other capacities, similar to Jameill Showers of years ago at quarterback. He’s an athlete who they like to have on special teams, perhaps that’s how he’s able to scratch out his spot on the team (even if it’s just practice squad) when it’s all said and done.

This information might say more about White than it does about Christion, namely that the Cowboys are ready to see something else. Literally anything else. White himself might be destined for the practice squad as it’s hard to justify a roster spot for him at the moment.

Who wants to see more of this?

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