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Cowboys News: What impact will the Jaylon Smith extension have on new potential deals?

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NFL: New Orleans Saints at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Breaking down Jaylon Smith's contract extension, impact on Cowboys salary cap and looming deals - Patrik Walker,

An in-depth breakdown of the impact the Jaylon Smith extension will have on the deals the big three are still waiting on.

His is original cap hit for 2019 raises by only $500,000, adding to a negative cap differential over the next two seasons of only $3.6 million -- a negligible number when weighed against what's set to be leviathan cap space -- and leaves the club with approximately $23.9 million for their remaining talks with Dak Prescott, Amari Cooper and Ezekiel Elliott. Extending Cooper would also forward them the ability to lower his $13.9 million cap hit for 2019, and that would pour savings back into the pot to offset any deal on Prescott and/or Elliott.

And with the ability to free up nearly $100 million in 2020 cap space still very much in play, although mathematically the pie is lessened, there's still more than enough to pass around enticing slices to the three most important offensive players on the roster. The Cowboys are well-aware of this reality, with team exec Stephen Jones admitting as much during the press conference for Smith's signing, despite public negotiation tactics from both Joneses that imply the contrary. "There is less pie left, make no bones about it," owner Jerry Jones said.

Mick Shots: Of Economics, Money, Team & Feet - Mickey Spagnola,

Jerry Jones made a little joke, Ezekiel Elliott’s camp took offense, but Jerry is determined in what he’s doing, and believes he’s earn some cred with Zeke.

Jerry Jones was very understandably joking when he uttered his now infamous “Zeke who?” remark following the Cowboys’ 14-10 preseason victory over the Rams at Aloha Stadium on Saturday. But Zeke’s agents chose to make a big deal of that, accusing Jerry of disrespecting their client. Of course, that provoked the question for Jerry on Tuesday about what he thought of that remark. I could see it in Jerry’s eyes, he was PO-ed to even have to address that, saying very sternly as you know, “Look . . . look . . . look . . . I’ve earned the right with Zeke to joke. Period. I’ve earned that right. Let me be clear, I’ve earned that right.” Should not poke the bear. And remember that happening back in 1990 when Emmitt Smith’s agents at the time, Richard Howell and Pat Dye Jr. were involved in a contentious rookie contract negotiation for the first-round pick with Jones. Telling you, beware his wrath, believe me.

Noah Brown can be a unique weapon for the Cowboys’ offense, but will he? -Stephen White,

A perspective that Noah Brown could be a real weapon for the Cowboys if he can stay healthy.

With Brown’s diverse skillset and at his size, Moore could really expand the things he does with him this season. Have Brown line up at fullback and sneak out into routes that way, for instance. Or use him on some quick screens where he gets to run in space with only a defensive back between him and a ton of green grass.

I believe Brown could be a great option in the red zone, as well. The Cowboys could move him around down there and the defense would never really know if he was in there to try to lead block for Ezekiel Elliott (provided his holdout ends) or to sneak through the line and go out on a route. There ain’t man linebackers who would be able to cover Brown down there, that’s for sure.

Dallas Cowboys: Daryl Johnston weighs in on Dak’s contract - Drew Davidson, Fort Worth Star-Telegram

Former Cowboys legend Daryl Johnston has a message for Dak Prescott about his potential new contract.

Johnston’s point for Prescott is that he has to leave the Cowboys with enough salary cap space to negotiate other deals to keep a solid nucleus in tact, much like they did with linebacker Jaylon Smith earlier this week. If not, the Cowboys could end up with a roster good enough to make the playoffs, but not win a Super Bowl.

Drew Brees wanted to be the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL and you saw New Orleans drop because you can’t pay your third corner,” Johnston said. “You can’t pay your third wide receiver. You can’t pay the designated rusher.”

Dallas Cowboys: Connor Williams’ offseason workouts are paying dividends during camp, which is good news for the Cowboys - Calvin Watkins, SportsDay

Cowboys second-year lineman Connor Williams’ hard work in the offseason is starting to pay off at camp.

Weight has been an issue for the Cowboys’ starting left guard from the moment he was drafted last year. In his last year at Texas, Williams weighed 320 pounds but to prepare for the National Scouting Combine, he dropped to 300 pounds. His trainers wanted a leaner Williams so he could get fast times in the 40 and the agility drills for offensive linemen.

Williams played his rookie year at 300 pounds. By losing 20 pounds, it sapped him of his strength because as an interior lineman, getting a strong push as oncoming defenders charge is vital. Once the offseason began, Williams went to the weight room to bulk up. Williams said he didn’t change his diet but lifting everyday, something the Coppell native knew would benefit him, worked. During the offseason, the players can lift everyday but once the regular season starts, lifting is reduced to twice a week.

A stronger Williams in his second season is something the Cowboys need to offset the problems of the offensive line from 2018. And changing positions, moving from guard to tackle, isn’t in the plans for Williams in 2019. Maybe 2020. For right now, a stronger Williams who plays left guard is what’s needed.

LB Justin Phillips Making a Case to Become a Roster Lock With Cowboys - Brian Martin, Inside The Star

The former Oklahoma State Cowboy is making a real case for becoming a Dallas Cowboy this season.

The former Oklahoma State Cowboy LB signed with the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent after the completion of the 2019 NFL Draft. To go from being an Oklahoma State Cowboy to a Dallas Cowboy must’ve been a dream come true, especially for a kid from Pearland, Texas who rooted for America’s Team growing up. The dream probably won’t be complete though unless a roster spot comes with it.

Surprisingly, Justin Phillips has put himself into contention to earn one of those coveted roster spots. The way he has played in the first two preseason games has caught the attention of quite a few people, which should make it extremely difficult for the Cowboys coaching staff when it comes to making roster cut decisions. Dallas Cowboys Staff Writer and former Scout Bryan Broaddus agrees…

”Justin Phillips is going to make it hard on this staff to put him on the street. Not only is his finish impressive, but the awareness he plays with in pass coverage is impressive. There is no way I thought he had a chance for that interception, especially with this initial step into the line, but his ability to turn and run to a spot saved him.”

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