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HOF running back Marshall Faulk is headed to Cabo to train Ezekiel Elliott

Zeke is about to have some company in Cabo.

New York Giants vs Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

We’re almost two weeks away from the regular season beginning for the Dallas Cowboys and there is still no sign of Ezekiel Elliott joining the team.

Thursday brought forth a little bit of news as far as a contract offer that the Cowboys made for the NFL’s reigning rushing champion, but until things have been signed on the proverbial dotted line we’re all going to be sitting here wondering what exactly is next.

While he hasn’t been in Oxnard or at The Star in Frisco that isn’t to say that Elliott isn’t preparing for the 2019 season. He’s been training in Cabo San Lucas and a large part of what’s gone on there remains a mystery to the outside world. Thankfully someone who is going to infiltrate it spoke on Thursday.

Pro Football Hall of Fame running back Marshall Faulk appeared on The Rich Eisen Show (which you can watch on the AUDIENCE network every day on DirecTV from 12-3pm ET) on Thursday and among all the things he discussed (there were a lot) he mentioned that he’s headed to Cabo himself to train Elliott. That portion of the conversation begins at about the 1:57 mark:

“I’ve challenged him with his conditioning and trying to get him closer to football-ready, not just being in good shape. So I’m going down to try and make him throw up!”

Faulk says that Elliott has been “busting his butt training” which is certainly good to hear. If and when Elliott does re-join the Cowboys he’ll need to be in prime shape as the regular season is just around the corner, how better to get in shape than with a Pro Football Hall of Famer?

Why Marshall Faulk? What’s he got to do with Zeke?

Marshall Faulk’s playing days may be over (he’s in the HOF for goodness sake), but when he was playing he obviously had an agent. That agent, who still represents Faulk today, is Rocky Arceneaux... Ezekiel Elliott’s agent. Arceneaux was even Faulk’s presenter when he was enshrined in Canton, Ohio.

What’s more is that Faulk played a great portion of his career in St. Louis (where he won a Super Bowl at that). Zeke grew up in St. Louis and has actually been compared to Faulk by some in terms of his versatility as a running back. The two go back a long way, just look at this photo from over seven years ago.

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The situation between Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas Cowboys is an unknown at the moment. What we do know for now is that Marshall Faulk is headed to Cabo to train him.

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