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Play of the Game: Dak Prescott to Michael Gallup stole the show against the Houston Texans

4 to 13.

There was no shortage of touchdowns for the Cowboys in their preseason game against the Houston Texans, but one stood out from the rest as BTB’s Play of the Game.

The touchdown in question came on the Cowboys second drive. They took possession after a Taco Charlton strip/sack of Deshaun Watson.

Facing third and goal from the 12-yard line, the Cowboys came out in a trips formation with two receivers and a tight end to the right, one receiver spread out to the left, and one running back next to Dak Prescott in the shotgun.

The Texans pass rush was able to get pressure and Prescott was forced to scramble. Every offense has built in “scramble rules” that tell the receivers how to react when the quarterback moves in the pocket.

Number One - Make Yourself Seen

The first is to get into the quarterback’s vision. After hitching up over the middle, Jason Witten saw Prescott scrambling and worked to the same side of the field.

Number Two - Meet In The Middle

The second is that short routes get deep and deep routes get short. Tony Pollard’s route took him to the sideline, but when Prescott scrambled he turned his route up the field. Conversely, Michael Gallup’s route took him deep into the endzone. When Prescott scrambled Gallup started to work back to him, but knowing that it was third and goal he stayed in the endzone so as to maintain ability to score/get the first down.

Prescott ducked under the left tackle to avoid the pass rush and kept his eyes down field. He threw a great pass that allowed Gallup to shield the ball from the defender with his body and haul in the touchdown.

This was a great play for both Prescott and Gallup and set the tone for a rout of the Texans. Expect to see this connection many more times over the course of the 2019 season.

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