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Jason Garrett: Zack Martin, Tyron Smith, Amari Cooper, Taco Charlton not expected to practice

Coach Garrett updates the masses from his latest press conference.

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One more preseason work week to go. The Cowboys will be hitting the field for practice, but before that happens Coach Garrett spoke to the press. Check out what he had to say. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Injuries to Byron Jones and Zack Martin, where do they stand?

Expect Byron to do some things today, he’s been working well on the side, his integration will be like DeMarcus Lawrence and Tyrone Crawford. We don’t anticipate Zack Martin doing much today.

Tyron Smith and Taco Charlton?

Don’t anticipate either doing much today. Charlton hurt his ankle in the game.

What will you do at tight end with some many guys hurt?

We’ll try our best, we worked out a couple of TEs today, not a lot of guys available right now. Don’t want to compromise Witten’s reps, want him to keep the same schedule. There aren’t a lot of tight ends, most are big slots in college and high school nowadays, they don’t put hands down. When you have a rash of injuries at the position it makes it hard to find guys. We’ll work our way through, Jamize Olawale has helped out in practice but we don’t know for the game.

Cooper Rush?

He’s playing well with confidence, handling a lot of different things, he’s an instinctive player. He made some good throws, moved the team and cashed in drives. He played well his rookie year in preseason, so he has confidence, he’s worked hard on his game technically, his footwork and the mental part. Just needs to get more snaps.

How have Anthony Brown and Jourdan Lewis done?

They have done well, we talked about that you want the starter (like Byron Jones) but that if they are not there it allows you to evaluate other guys in 1s vs. 1s scenario. They are taking advantage.

Jourdan Lewis is not prototypical size you want?

He’s just a good player, good in college and for us. We do believe in height and length in our corners but he has plenty of it and he just makes plays. He’s always ready, around the ball at critical times with turnovers, he’s just has that way.

Donovan Wilson?

He has ball skills, always around the ball, he creates fumbles in practice, makes interceptions in games. Creating turnovers is the most important trait if you’re a ball guy. He made a big time play to get his feet down in that game, he has a lot to still learn but has the trait to make plays on the ball.

Taco Charlton?

He has responded well, he had an injury to work through before but he’s worked hard and understands how we want him to play. He’s gotten an opportunity and he showed up, big time in the last game, he was impactful in the game.

Amari Cooper?

He’s getting better, won’t practice today. We believe he is on schedule for regular season.

How much does special teams play in getting the last roster spots?

It’s huge when building a roster. If you block a punt you win over 80% of the time. If you can make an impact there you can make the roster. You have to contribute in some way, there is an opportunity to do things, and that’s the process.

Jordan Chunn?

Big, strong, powerful runner, that’s his number one attribute. He does have good feet, he’s doing a good job catching ball, becoming better at pass protection and route running, and starting to show on special teams.

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