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Jason Garrett: La’el Collins won’t practice with shoulder injury

Coach Garrett speaks to the press before practice.

NFL: Preseason-Dallas Cowboys at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Before the last practice of training camp, Jason Garrett stepped up to the podium and spoke with the assembled media. Here’s what he had to say. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

La’el Collins injury?

La’el Collins isn’t anticipated to practice on Tuesday. Jason Garrett said he’s dealing with a shoulder injury. Coach thinks he’ll be okay for Week 1.

Cedrick Wilson’s performance so far?

The Cowboys didn’t get a lot to look at with Cedrick Wilson last year due to his injury, but Jason Garrett complimented him greatly on Tuesday. He noted that the things Dallas is seeing are the things that led them to draft him out of Boise State to begin with. He noted that Wilson can be of use in the punt return game which s always valuable. He also explained how Wilson is essentially a rookie at the moment because he didn’t have a preseason last year, but that when you throw the ball to him good things happen.

How has Jalen Jelks performed?

Coach noted he has been doing well and that he had his best game the other night in both the pass and run game. He did relate that Jelks is nicked up a bit and they don’t know if he’ll play Thursday.

Operation with Kellen Moore calling plays

Asked how things are going with new offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, Jason Garrett said that they’re going really well. He described how you want the process and communication to be smooth and that’s what the Cowboys have had happen so far. He noted that you’re always wanting to emphasize that and that Dallas is going to be focusing on it week in and week out.

Former quarterbacks on the staff

There are a lot of former quarterbacks on the Cowboys coaching staff and Jason Garrett was quick to note that this is something that definitely helps. He described how there’s obviously experience and perspectives provided from each of them as they were all different quarterbacks in terms of what they went through, but that it’s not an essential ingredient for a good coach. Overall he basically said it’s a great thing to have.

Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard complementing each other in games?

Asked how Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard can potentially complement each other, Jason Garrett just described them to both be very good and versatile players. He talked about how it’s always a question of whether you want a second running back in over a second tight end or whatever other offensive personnel you want to trot out and if it makes sense in the moment the Cowboys are willing to do it.

Is the running game structured different without Zeke?

Right now it’s technically a possibility that the Cowboys could be playing regular season football without Ezekiel Elliott. Asked if that would cause any adjustments in terms of the run game Jason Garrett was quick to say that he feels confident in all of their running backs and that things would likely stay the same.

The message to the team as the regular season approaches

With the regular season just around the corner Jason Garrett said that the message to the team is that they have to get right and improve each day. He’s always been a preacher of “day by day” and it seems like that is really a central focus int he eleventh hour of the preseason.

How much have you started on Giants?

If you’er wondering just how much the Cowboys are already prepared for Week 1 the answer isn’t more than normal. Jason Garrett noted that the team did offseason scouting reports and are obviously very aware of how the Giants operate, but that the true preparation as far as normal procedures begins next week.

Byron Jones in his first practice?

Jason Garrett noted that the Cowboys top cornerback isn’t going to be going through a full practice quite yet considering he was just activated from the PUP list but that it was good to see him out there.

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