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Jerry Jones: Most of these teams win Super Bowls without rushing champions

The Cowboys owner said a lot of things on Friday.

Dallas Cowboys v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

The preseason is over which means the Dallas Cowboys are squarely focused on next week’s regular season matchup against the New York Giants. This is a good thing.

Between now and then the Cowboys still have to assemble their 53-man roster but before that is finished Jerry Jones took to the airwaves on 105.3 The Fan to offer his thoughts on the state of the team entering such an important weekend.

Of course, so many people these days are concerned with one topic and one topic alone when it comes to the Dallas Cowboys. Everybody wants to know what the situation with Ezekiel Elliott is. Jerry, having already said they’re planning on being without him, did not hold back on Friday morning.

Dallas might actually think that they don’t need Zeke (to some degree)

Either Jerry Jones truly believes what a lot of people think in that the running back position has been devalued, or he really wants us to believe it. He flat out acknowledged that most teams that win the Super Bowl are typically void of an elite runner.

“Most of these teams win Super Bowls without rushing champions.”

The Cowboys have a running back in Tony Pollard that looks like he can carry the load to some degree. Does Jerry truly buy that?

The situations between Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are in no way comparable

Asked if the situations between his star quarterback and running back were similar, Jerry Jones unleashed a little. He also lumped in Amari Cooper and was specific to say that both he and Dak are around the team while someone, who is under contract, is not.

“Not really. No. Amari Cooper and Dak are very engaged with what we’re doing this week and getting ready to play... We only have one player that’s out and under contract.”

This was only the beginning of some more direct quotes that Jerry Jones had in terms of Ezekiel Elliott. He specifically kept up in talking about contracts in quite the eye-opening way.

Jerry wants Zeke to honor his contract

Without question the most interesting part of Jerry’s appearance was when he was asked if he thought that Elliott would be ready to roll if and when he returned with a new deal. Jerry chirped back that a new deal might not necessarily signify the end of all of this.

“If we do a contract, what’s to assure us that this time next year or three months later we won’t be talking about another contract if we’re not going to honor contracts?”

This is quite the statement as it implies that the Cowboys might think that Elliott is untrustworthy to some degree. Jerry Jones is clearly miffed and wants that to be known.

What do you make of Jerry Jones digging in on the team’s stance with Ezekiel Elliott? Considering this is the final weekend for the Cowboys before things truly start to matter its definitely worrisome that they’re in such a stalemate with someone of Zeke’s caliber.

Is this the beginning of something? The end? The middle? It’s so hard to tell but what’s clear is that Jerry Jones is feeling a certain way and wants the world to know it.

Update: 12:25pm ET

There was a portion of Jerry’s interview that was a bit difficult to audibly discern when it aired live and as a result I had waited to transcribe. It’s absolutely a quote worth sharing.

“Secondly, we’ve had Zack now going on three or four years. And we haven’t won it [the Super Bowl] yet. And so we’ve got to figure out that obviously he’s not the ingredient that will win it. And so you’ve got to think that like that. You’ve got to play like that.”

You can listen to the entire interview that was on 105.3 The Fan right here, but you should know that he definitely called Zeke “Zack”, that’s not a typo, although it was probably an accident.

Either way the fact that Jerry would openly acknowledge that the Cowboys haven’t won the Super Bowl in Elliott’s tenure and that they have to evaluate whether he’s a necessary piece to that cause is extremely interesting.

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