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Cowboys Practice #8: Offense punches back in Blue-White Scrimmage but defense still getting turnovers

The Cowboys defense took a beating but their relentless effort paid off in the end.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys revved up the competition on Sunday with their annual Blue-White Scrimmage. So far the first week of training camp practices have featured some exciting moments for the Cowboys’ offense but it’s the defense that has walked away the winner more often than not. The Blue-White Scrimmage is always a treat for camp visitors because it features some live tackling, about as close to real football as you can get until preseason starts. Let’s review a summary of the festivities for today’s practice.

Who’s got the day off?

As Cowboys exercise caution with Sean Lee (knee), Amari Cooper (heel), and Zack Martin (back), no surprise to see them sit out of this one.

It’ll be quite a workload for the two veteran backup offensive linemen:

Goal-Line? More like G.O.A.T.-Line?

The Cowboys struggled mightily last season in goal-to-go situations, you can bet that having Jason Witten back in the lineup in a sight for sore eyes. Witten finds an easy opening and Dak Prescott gives the G.O.A.T. the rock...TOUCHDOWN! Too easy for these two and brings back some fond memories of Jason Witten’s OT dagger to the Eagles in Dak’s rookie season.

Goal-Line #2: Darius Jackson shakes loose for the score here running with the first-team offense.

Goal-line goes to the offense!

Tavon Austin with a repeat performance

Yesterday was a solid day for Tavon Austin, who is battling for a roster spot in a crowded receiver room. He was back out there for an encore in today’s scrimmage, building on his chemistry with Dak Prescott and working himself open between coverage for a nice gain.

Austin’s calling card is his speed but he’s an underrated route runner and does a really nice job of working back to his quarterback. This was just a heck of a connection for Dak and Tavon, one to continue building upon.

7-on-7: Offense bounces back after two-straight days of defense dominating

The 7-on-7 has been the roughest patch for the offense thus far, they were absolutely stifled in the last two practices. Give the offense credit for pulling themselves up by the bootstraps and starting aggressive today:

The second-team offense kept their foot on the gas as Jordan Chunn finds a lane and zips through the defense.

Dak finds his man on back-to-back red zone reps, first Tavon, then Michael Gallup notch victories on the day.

Defense has seen enough as Xavier Woods turns the tide

Just as the offense is starting to throw some haymakers, the defense does like every great heel in Pro Wrestling with Xavier Woods cutting off the babyfaces momentum. TIP-DRILL!!!

Several reps later, the backs aren’t finding much room as Tony Pollard is stopped in his tracks.

Maliek Collins just ferociously eating up the rushing lanes which is a good thing for the Cowboys defense as they need playmakers on the interior defensive line:

The offense didn’t let the defense build up too much before they got their comeback, Tony Pollard just too fast, too furious, as he makes the defense pay for an earlier pass interference:

Cedrick Wilson introduces himself to the second-team defense with a reverse that goes for six:

In the end, the first-team defense finished with a goal-line-stand.

Offense’s two-minute excellence not enough to save the day

The Cowboys offense was firing today despite some big names being out healing. Dak Prescott found Jason Witten, Michael Gallup, and Randall Cobb for nice gains. Too bad Brett Maher’s miss took the air out of such a nice setup :

Both pet cat receivers, Jon’Vea Johnson and Reggie Davis, fell back to earth with multiple drops and a fumble.

The offense should be proud of their efforts but the defense is still balling out in Cali!

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