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Jason Garrett press conference: Hopeful Amari Cooper can practice today

The Cowboys head coach was back at the podium on Tuesday.

Dallas Cowboys Training Camp Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Editor’s Note: This post has been changed to reflect Jason Garrett’s press conference being over. You can catch up on everything he had to say below.

Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett returned to his normal press conference duties on Tuesday. It was the first time that he did so since the blue and white scrimmage and the release of tight end Rico Gathers.

Ultimately Garrett had his usual amount to say. Tune into the presser if you’d like courtesy of the mothership, we’ve got full updates in this post.

Blue and white scrimmage was balanced

Tuesday was the first time since the Blue and White Scrimmage that Jason Garrett appeared in front of the media. He noted that he felt everything went well and that there were successes on both sides of the ball. He noted Xavier Woods and Donovan Wilson made big plays in turnovers. He complimented Mike Weber for his work at the end of scrimmage. He did say “we’re not even close” which would seem to indicate that he feels there is still a lot of work to be done.

If not close, where are the Cowboys?

Pressed on where the Cowboys would be if they are in fact “not even close” Garrett kept his company line and noted that there is simply work to be done. He noted that the annual scrimmage is a barometer of sorts that provides an opportunity to “check in” to see where the team is. He also said they have only had a limited amount of real practices.

Dorance Armstrong is a “sneaky” good rusher

Noted his continued growth, said he’s determined, good spirit and work ethic. Called him a sneaky good rusher, doesn’t overwhelm with physical traits but technically good, the more he plays he will improve.

Amari Cooper?

Hopeful he can do something today.

Chris Covinton, Kerry Hyder?

Coach said both have had good starts, they play physically tough. They can make plays, they are not physically overwhelming but demonstrate ability play after play.

He also noted the good competition between Antwaun Woods and Covington at the 1-tech. Garrett said Woods showed up in the scrimmage with some penetration, he also noted Hyder’s versatility.

There’s no reason for how the Cowboys have handled backup quarterback

The Cowboys have been hesitant to really plant their flag at backup quarterback, but Jason Garrett did say that the “competition is on” as far as that position. He also noted that the way the team structures practice snaps that the twos and threes essentially get the same amount of reps.

Thoughts on Rico Gathers?

Jason Garrett said the Cowboys really appreciated Rico Gathers throughout his time with the Cowboys. He described that there was a risk/reward element associated to drafting him with his obvious physical talents. He noted that his inexperience was ultimately the issue with him.

The Cowboys need a tight end

Dallas uses a lot of tight ends and asked if they need one with Gathers gone Jason Garrett was surprisingly frank. He said that the Cowboys do and that they’re in the process of working some out.

There’s a competition at running back

Asked why Darius Jackson didn’t participate too much in the morning’s walkthrough (the reporter wondered whether Jackson was hurt) Garrett noted that Jackson is fine and that there is merely competition at the running back spot.

Coach was asked about Ezekiel Elliott at the end but he just said they are concentrating on what they do at practice, they trust Zeke and when he comes back they expect him to be in shape.

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