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Jason Garrett: Hopeful Robert Quinn will return for Week 1, Zack Martin won’t play on Saturday

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett speaks to the media.

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Editor’s Note: This post has been changed to reflect Jason Garrett’s press conference being over. You can catch up on everything he had to say below.

Jason Garrett returns to the microphone to address the press. The Cowboys are deep into preparations for the 2019 season and are specifically prepping for the preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday. We expect Garrett to address the Robert Quinn injury and the possible return to practice for Amari Cooper, among other topics today.

Here’s a full recap of everything that Jason Garrett said (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Update on Robert Quinn?

He went back to Dallas, he will get the surgery done soon, but coach hasn’t seen any new reports. It’s an injury the team has seen before with other players, thinks they can get it handled prior to the start of the season. It’s an opportunity for other guys to play.

Important Taco Charlton opportunity with Quinn down?

Important for everybody, important for guys trying to prove themselves. The next guy needs to play, practice or preseason game, and we’ll evaluate them.

The Cowboys won’t be bringing in anybody right now at DE

With injuries mounting at defensive end the Cowboys could look to bring other people in for competition and to help; however, Jason Garrett said the Cowboys are good there. He did say they are always looking and if someone they like is available things could change. He is also pleased with 90 players on the roster overall.

What stood out about Quinn before injury?

The Cowboys traded for Robert Quinn so they obviously like the type of player he is. Jason Garrett noted that the team has had to play against him a lot in recent memory but that him being a true pro (something he said plenty of people told them) is what stood out. He also complimented his as talented, quick, fast, explosive, can bend, has a repertoire of moves, instinctive, and tough enough to play the run.

The offseason has helped Connor Williams

Connor Williams entered his rookie season with a lot of room to grow from a physical perspective. Garrett noted that Williams has bulked up with good weight and is stronger. He called him one of the best guys in the offseason training program. Also noted his approach is outstanding.

49ers game will provide a valuable opportunity for everyone, including coaches

The Cowboys will play a preseason game this Saturday (yahoo!) and that means we’re going to see offensive coordinator Kellen Moore in action for the first time. Jason Garrett noted it’s important for Moore and Jon Kitna to get that experience and teams evaluate coaches as well as players in preseason games.

No Zack Martin on Saturday

Jason Garrett said that the team does not anticipate Zack Martin playing in San Francisco.

Amari Cooper’s demeanor is one that Jason Garrett really likes

There’s a misconception that wide receivers are all divas, but that’s certainly not a term that applies to Amari Cooper. Jason Garrett said he disagreed that all receivers act a certain way, but that the way Amari is is certainly special. He complimented him on his route-running among other things including how he seamlessly integrated into the Cowboys offense.

Brett Maher is being given opportunities

When questioned about Maher’s problems in camp, coach noted they are going to give him more opportunities in practice and preseason games and he thought Maher did a good job for the team last year.

Xavier Woods is finding his way

Coach was asked if Woods is playing with an edge because of the talk about bringing in safeties this offseason. Garrett simply noted that they like Woods, that as a rookie he struggled early but then found his way and things clicked. He said players use all kinds of personal motivation to up their game, he’s not sure what Woods is doing but he’s just playing like they expected he would.

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