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College coach says Cowboys QB Dak Prescott is “best I’ve ever seen” at being an alpha dog

Some big praise for Dak Prescott as leader.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys-Training Camp Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Every day, we are left waiting for when the Cowboys complete deals with their quarterback, running back, and wide receiver. Ezekiel Elliott is training in Cabo as he awaits an extension, while Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper are in Oxnard learning the ins and outs of what Kellen Moore wants to add to the offense. All three of the Cowboys star Triplets believe they deserve big money.

As he waits for franchise quarterback money, Dak Prescott is looking as confident as ever throwing the football. The regular season is not until a few weeks, but it is still encouraging to see the fourth-year quarterback wanting to test the secondary and throw the football deep. Maybe some of the limitations in the past had some to do with Scott Linehan, but Kellen Moore is running the show now and the defense is taking notice of changes.

Here is one of Prescott’s best throws of training camp, placing the ball in a perfect spot for Randall Cobb to haul it in and run into the end zone in stride:

The Mothership’s David Helman noted that Tuesday was Prescott’s best performance of training camp yet, which is definitely exciting to hear about.

But one of Dak Prescott’s best attributes is his ability to lead a football team. He has a unique ability to rally a large group of men and have them act as one as they pursue a goal. It was like that when Prescott took the Mississippi State football program to new heights during his collegiate career, and it has been that way since Prescott took over as the starting quarterback for America’s Team.

Interestingly enough, Florida Gators head coach Dan Mullen — who many have called one of college football’s best quarterback gurus and was Prescott’s head coach at Mississippi State — shared during a Tuesday press conference that Prescott is the best that he has ever seen in terms of being an alpha dog.

Considering that Mullen has been around some big time talent during his coaching career — both as an assistant under Urban Meyer and as a head coach in the SEC — that is some significant praise.

Leading is just one — but still an important — factor of being an NFL quarterback, and it is pretty clear that the Cowboys are in very good hands in that regard. His teammates love him, the coaching staff is behind him, and the front office is all in on him.

On the field, Prescott appears to be finding his rhythm and his confidence that should make for a productive season in 2019. Combine that with Kellen Moore’s creative play-calling and wrinkles that should get the weapons on the offensive side of the ball in space, there is a lot of reason for optimism heading into the season.

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