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Poll: What’s the most surprising part about the Cowboys 53-man roster in your opinion?

What didn’t you see coming?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The table is just about set as the Dallas Cowboys get ready to prepare the meal that is the 2019 season. We now know which players are on both the 53-man roster and practice squad, although there are certainly changes that could come.

While the practice squad is important the truth is that those 10 players won’t be an active part of what happens Sunday after Sunday. The 53-man roster is the unit tasked with delivering this franchise their sixth Super Bowl, but what part of it all surprised you most?

There are a handful of details that seemed to surprise me personally, but we’ll leave it open for debate. Here are a few nominees.

The offense is very light

The Cowboys are carrying only two quarterbacks, two running backs (plus a fullback), three tight ends, and five wide receivers. That is extremely light in all of those spots.

We’ve seen this team carry three QBs, three RBs, four TEs, and six WRs before. What urged them to go light everywhere all at once?

It’s possible that the Cowboys both just like the players that are on their roster and wanted to go deep elsewhere; however, they’re really rolling some dice in some senses in that they’ll be able to count on all of these players throughout the entire season.

There are ELEVEN offensive linemen

Obviously because the team went light at the skill positions the Cowboys could afford to keep a ton of offensive linemen. They literally have enough players to field two starting lineups and have some change leftover.

It’s worth mentioning here that someone like Connor McGovern is a candidate to be placed on injured reserve and therefore might not actually be on the roster when it’s all said and done. That’s a lot of beef, though.

Justin Phillips isn’t on it... for now

Talking about the roster and practice squad at any moment is always such a gamble because you never know what could happen the very next minute. When the Cowboys announced both the roster and practice squad neither featured linebacker Jordan Phillips.

It’s possible that the Cowboys want to carry Phillips on their final 53 but need to place Luke Gifford on injured reserve first. The fact that Phillips isn’t on the practice squad seems to line up with this theory, but you just never know.

Justin Phillips played very well for the Cowboys throughout the preseason and seemed to punch his ticket onto their team in some capacity. Perhaps his moment is just around the corner.

There are five safeties

Dallas decided to keep Jeff Heath, Xavier Woods, Donovan Wilson, Kavon Frazier, and Darian Thompson all on their team. That’s five safeties. That’s as many cornerbacks that they have.

Of course, you can never have enough depth, but that being said that’s a lot of safeties. Dallas needs players to play special teams like everyone else in the NFL, but there were a lot of people who thought Donovan Wilson’s play might have pushed someone else off of the roster.

Speaking of Wilson, perhaps his latest injury might be a reason that there is so much depth for now. When Wilson heals up it’s possible that we could see the roster adjusted to reflect him being 100%.


What surprised you the most?

This poll is closed

  • 24%
    Such a light offense
    (552 votes)
  • 32%
    11 offensive linemen
    (756 votes)
  • 16%
    No Justin Phillips
    (384 votes)
  • 26%
    Five safeties
    (605 votes)
2297 votes total Vote Now

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