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After their win against the Giants, do you feel better about the Cowboys chances to win a Super Bowl?

It’s early, but things feel pretty good right now.

NFL: New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys got off to a great start with a 35-17 home win over the New York Giants. It’s a good feeling to see them get the W, but it feels even better that their offense came to life and put up 35 points with five straight touchdown scoring drives. Such a performance has riled up Cowboys Nation as we now start to ponder just how far this team can go. For the first time in a long time, this Cowboys team has talent on both offense and defense, and this could mean good things down the stretch.

With the team starting out with a bang, I asked some of my fellow front page writers if they feel any different about this team’s chances to win the Super Bowl, and here are the responses:

David Howman

I feel ever so slightly better about the Cowboys’ Super Bowl odds this year. I had Dallas going 9-7 and missing the playoffs, largely because of how tough the second half of the schedule is. Even with Kellen Moore looking as good as he did, I don’t like that schedule, though I feel incrementally better about it.

Michael Strawn

Well, I was pretty bullish before the season but I’m even more so now. I’m not ready to book reservations to Miami but what we saw Sunday showed me this team is as talented as people say offensively, and that Moore will bring fresh, innovative ideas that will make things easier for the talent. Now, it’s very possible the defense is overrated, and that’s a concern. But overall, yes, I’m more optimistic. This is a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

Tom Ryle

It was just one game, but what a game! The talent, especially on offense, is everything we thought it would be. Tony Pollard in particular still has a high ceiling. Moore was incredible, and so was Dak Prescott. All the signs are there that this team could make a deep run this postseason, and until they show us differently, that is exactly what I expect.

Michael Sisemore

We knew this team had a lot of talent sprinkled on both sides of the football. We’ve seen that talent absolutely dismantle a bad New York Giants team, but that’s what great teams are supposed to do against bad teams. You have to feel better to see how Moore showed what can be done with this offensive firepower. Prescott has weapons and used them masterfully without the dominant rushing numbers. If this was a preview of what’s to come the Cowboys might be special, but we have been here before and we’re going to need to see many more performances like that.

Danny Phantom

Indeed, I do feel better. Don’t get me wrong, I expected this to be a very good football team, but all the uncertainty with the offense had me proceeding cautiously. The team didn’t finish in the bottom half of points scored by having just a few bad plays. After what we witnessed on Sunday, the optimism is rising because if Moore and all these new changes can resurrect the offense, the sky is the limit.

How about you? Do you feel any different about this team’s chances after their convincing win?

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