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Jason Garrett’s message to the Cowboys following their win, “It wasn’t edgy enough for 60 minutes”

The Cowboys head coach is making sure his troops know there’s a lot of work still ahead.

Dallas Cowboys v Indianapolis Colts

The Dallas Cowboys got off to a good start with a comfortable 18-point win over the New York Giants. And to be honest, it wasn’t even that close. The Cowboys were on cruise control by the fourth quarter after going on a 35-3 run to put the game away. It was a nice win for the Cowboys, but head coach Jason Garrett made sure to remind his players that this game was far from perfect when he addressed the team in the locker room:

Garrett: We talked about this game being about physical toughness and mental toughness, and edge. I thought all that stuff was demonstrated throughout our team, throughout this ballgame. I’m going to be honest with you though. It wasn’t edgy enough for 60 minutes. I didn’t like how we finished, and I know you guys didn’t like how we finished. Does everybody agree with that?

Team: Yes, sir.

Garrett: Does anyone disagree with that?

Team: No, sir.

Garrett: There was a lot of good things we can build on, and certainly a lot of things we can clean up in terms of our execution. It’s a good start, a lot to learn from, we’ll take care of business tomorrow.

Dallas Cowboys on three, make it loud!

When you think about the precarious situation Garrett is in this year, one might expect that he would show a little more excitement after such a nice way to open the season. Of course, that’s not how Garrett works. If there is any pressure felt from needing to have a successful 2019 season, he never shows it. The Cowboys head coach never gets too low after a loss, so it’s only fitting that he isn’t showing much elation over this win. And it’s clear he wants to keep his troops grounded. Garrett is very good getting his players to focus up on the task at hand, so it’s not surprising he didn’t make much of the win. For him and his players, the goal is much bigger.

What is also impressive about this moment is how he commands the room and the amount of respect the players show him. Clearly, he is a leader of men and you can see that on full display here.

The Cowboys are on a mission and it’s becoming more and more evident that they have the right guy at the helm to lead them.

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