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Jason Garrett: Cowboys have been trying to guard Randall Cobb for years, loves his competitive spirit

Coach Garrett chats with the press.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images

The Cowboys continue their preparations for the game in Washington, and Jason Garrett met with the press to update us all. Let’s see what he had to say. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Last year’s game isn’t important

Jason Garrett started off by saying that he didn’t want to spend a lot of time talking about last season’s game in Washington.

Run defense is important

Jason Garrett noted the Cowboys have had a good run defense recently but gave up a big run on Sunday along with a few other runs. He noted the team needs to get back to who they are by having good gap discipline, set the edges, and tackle well.

Tyrone Crawford, Tavon Austin

The Cowboys expect Crawford to do more today and they are hopeful he’ll practice and play this week. They do not anticipate Tavon Austin practicing.

Winning the division is the first goal

Coach noted that winning the division is always the first goal and winning division games is the way to get there.

Randall Cobb is very physical

Asked about Cobb’s physical play against the Giants last week, Jason Garrett said that the Cowboys have been trying to guard Cobb for years. He threw a lot of praise in the direction of the wide receiver, noting how competitive he is and complimenting him on the play in the red zone and a catch he made in traffic earlier in the game.

Reaction to Dak’s big performance

Dak Prescott had a big performance last week and Jason Garrett said the idea is to grow from the experience and get focused on the next challenge. He noted Dak has been good at that for a long time.

Added motion is not necessarily more on Dak’s plate

The Cowboys have obviously added some wrinkles to their offense, but Jason Garrett said this isn’t extreme for Dak Prescott and noted that he and the rest of the team can handle it well.

The nature of life is to respond to adversity

We’ve seen the Cowboys handle situations where they’re up against a wall quite well over the years. Jason Garrett was firm in that that’s really how life goes, that’s how football goes. He iterated that you want to have the right kind of guys on your team that can handle those situations.

Thoughts on Vernon Davis

Jason Witten won’t be the only super veteran tight end in Sunday’s game as Vernon Davis plays for Washington. Davis made a big play against the Eagles last week and Jason Garrett expressed great respect for him.

Blake Jarwin has done an excellent job

The Cowboys are managing to make the balance between Jason Witten and Blake Jarwin work for now, granted we’re only one game in. Garrett talked about how Jarwin has really come on and even though he’s been dealing with an injury lately he’s done a lot of things to help the team. He complimented Jarwin saying his confidence is up and that is helping his route-running and his blocking. He also noted that learning from Witten will only help Jarwin grow.

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