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Cowboys fans are feeling GOOD after a big offensive showing in the Week 1 win

Optimism is contagious for Cowboys fans.

NFL: SEP 08 Giants at Cowboys Photo by Andrew Dieb/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

When the Dallas Cowboys win, the entire following week is better. We all know this.

That’s how football works. Monday through Friday is in so many ways dictated by the way that the previous Sunday goes, thankfully for all of us the Dallas Cowboys had quite the showing in their season opener against the New York Giants.

Dallas won, in dominating fashion, and their much-debated quarterback produced a performance that earned him NFC Offensive Player of the Week honors. It - in many literal ways - does not get much better than that.

Cowboys fans are more confident in the team than they’ve ever been

Something we do at SB Nation throughout the year is track the opinions of fans from each respective fan base through utilization of nifty tool called FanPulse (you can sign up to be part of BTB’s Fan Pulse right here).

Polling people is a science that can always yield some interesting results. Considering we’re doing it after every NFL week, results are obviously going to be a little prisoner-of-the-moment. That’s understandable.

As you can see, Cowboys fans are feeling pretty good after the team’s win against the Giants. How could you not be feeling good after the team put up 494 yards of total offense, 405 of which belonged to Dak Prescott, in a performance that seemingly announced them to the world as contenders this season?

It’s interesting to note just how much confidence has slowly grown for Cowboys fans since the 2018 season ended. At various point since then we’ve seen incremental jumps, with a slight dip after the first preseason game, up until now. There was a gigantic leap this week.

Cowboy fans confidence at various points
  • End of season: 65%
  • Free agency: 57%
  • Pre-draft: 79%
  • Post-draft: 76%
  • Preseason Week 1: 68%
  • Week 1: 78%
  • Week 2: 94%

There are only six fan bases that are feeling more confident in their team following Week 1 than Cowboys fans: Chiefs, Eagles, Ravens, Patriots, Rams, and Saints. All of those teams won last week, four of them were in the conference title games a season ago, one won the Super Bowl two years ago, and the other is the Ravens that saw an incredible performance from Lamar Jackson.

What’s more is that Cowboys fans tied for the third-largest jump in confidence from Week 1 to Week 2. Only fans of the Vikings, Colts, Cardinals, and Bengals experienced greater growths.

Confidence is a funny thing that ultimately is subjective from person to person. The way that the Cowboys played on Sunday, it’s totally fair to buy in, but do you believe it’s here to stay?

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