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Jason Garrett: Updates on Michael Gallup, Antwaun Woods; Devin Smith earning playing time

Coach Garrett spoke with the media today.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys are undefeated early on in the 2019 season, and they have looked good doing it. It did come at the cost of a knee injury to Michael Gallup, but they are due to get Robert Quinn back from suspension. Let’s check in with Jason Garrett for his thoughts on all things Cowboys. (All answers are paraphrased and not actual quotes).

Thoughts on the offense so far

Jason Garrett was complimentary of his team’s offense and the fact that they stayed balance in Washington, able to run and pass well. He noted that you want to be able to stay balanced and acknowledged that they got off to a poor start, but he said that the team did a great job of settling in to what was happening and persevering.

Update on Gallup, Woods and Crawford

Michael Gallup is going to have surgery on Tuesday and will hopefully be out two to four weeks according to Garrett. Antwaun Woods is in a situation that is day by day and they will see what happens as the week progresses. Garrett also added that Tavon Austin is still in the concussion protocol and Tyrone Crawford’s hip has flared up and they will monitor it.

Devin Smith in the game

Coach was obviously pleased with Smith and said he made a signature play in the game. Thought his touchdown turned it around for them on offense and complimented his route. He also noted he had a few other catches and thought his last catch where he turned it up field was a good play. Noted that both he and Cedric Wilson will get more reps with Gallup out, as well as Austin once he recovers.

Byron Jones did well

Coach thought Jones played well even though he gave up a few plays. Thought he handled the workload well.

Robert Quinn was at The Star on Monday

Jason Garrett said that the Cowboys are hopeful that Robert Quinn’s hand will be alright and they’ll be able to see it more fully in practice on Wednesday.

Taco’s “free me” tweet

Jason Garrett noted that Taco Charlton is competing each week to get a spot/jersey on the Cowboys. He would not elaborate on what Taco posted to social media (you can see about that right here). He even said he didn’t spend much time on social media.

Trysten Hill is making progress

Coach Garrett said that Trysten Hill is improving and is working hard. Noted he is “really in that same boat” where he’s competing for a jersey every week.

The Cowboys believe Connor Williams is off to a good start

The Cowboys like what they’re seeing from Williams but that he was taking on some intimidating pass rushers in Washington. Coach conceded that he gave up some pressures on Sunday and that there are certain technique things he could work on. He spoke optimistically and said that they believe he is going to continue to get better.

Dak Prescott has played very well

Obviously what Dak Presoctt has done has been discussed by many and you can count Jason Garrett as a fan. He noted that everyone around Dak from the offensive line to the receivers are all also playing well, too. He added that Dak has done “a lot of little things” that have been really impressive that allow the Cowboys to continue experiencing success.

Assessment of pass rush

Jason Garrett said that the Cowboys didn’t get around to the quarterback enough and weren’t consistent to the degree that they would like against Washington. He did acknowledge that Case Keenum did a good job of getting the ball out but emphasized that the Cowboys have to get home more often.

Why did the Cowboys like Devin Smith to sign him in the offseason?

Coach noted the Cowboys really liked Devin Smith when he was coming out of The Ohio State and so when he was available they decided to see what he was all about. He said that sometimes with players you like they’re suddenly available for this or that reason and that Devin’s was obviously injuries.

Travis Frederick’s impact

Jason Garrett noted that the all-everything center is playing very well. He specifically said that Frederick allows the Cowboys to run some of their zone schemes very effectively so it’s fantastic to have him back.

Jaylon in dime, why not Leighton?

Asked why the Cowboys pull Leighton Vander Esch off in dime situations, Garrett said it’s simply based on what they want to do that week.

Ezekiel Elliott played well against Washington

Coach said that the Cowboys like the way that Ezekiel Elliott is playing. He also noted that because Zeke played so much in the first half that the team wanted to mix it up with Tony Pollard before they brought Elliott back in.

Examples of little plays that Dak Prescott makes

Asked for examples of the little things that Dak is doing Garrett said things like pocket movement, decision making, checking the ball down, and running the football. These decisions are ones that Dak has to make in a moment’s notice that drastically impact an overall drive and therefore an entire game.

Dak Prescott’s accuracy

Dak is completing 82% of his passes so far this season, but coach said that the Cowboys don’t get caught up in the numbers of things. The focus is getting better and growing.

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