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2019 NFL Power Rankings Week 3: Everyone has the Dallas Cowboys in their top five

Where do all 32 NFL teams stand?

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NFL: SEP 15 Cowboys at Redskins Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

We’ve reached the third week of the NFL season and unfortunately injuries are pilling up rather quickly. It’s the worst part of the game that we all love.

There were some interesting results over last week’s football action, but where does that leave us in Week 3? Who’s good, who’s bad, and who’s wandering in the desert?

We’re so glad that you asked. Welcome to Week 3’s power rankings where we’ve compiled what the rest of the world is saying about the Cowboys including our own thoughts. You can re-visit Week 2’s power rankings right here if you’d like.

Let’s go.

1 - New England Patriots (2-0) [Last Week: 1]

Kings remain kings.

2 - Kansas City Chiefs (2-0) [Last Week: 2]

Pat Mahomes threw four touchdowns in one quarter and it’s not even the most amazing thing that he’s ever done.

3 - Los Angeles Rams (2-0) [Last Week: 4]

They won the NFC Championship Game rematch, albeit with some help from the injury bug. The Rams have looked like a less-threatening version of their McVay-led selves, but they still belong here.

4 - Dallas Cowboys (2-0) [Last Week: 5]

Hello top four! The Cowboys have been in my top five all season long and considering they’re operating at an insane offensive level (for their own standards certainly) the world is starting to catch up. With the Dolphins and Brees-less Saints up next it’s hard to see them dipping any time soon.

5 - Baltimore Ravens (2-0) [Last Week: 7]

People will say it was only the Dolphins and Cardinals, but Lamar Jackson looks for real for real. I’m buying it.

6 - Seattle Seahawks (2-0) [Last Week: 8]

Another team that benefited from an injury, but Seattle has found a balance on offense. It’ll be interesting to see their games against the Rams this season.

7 - Green Bay Packers (2-0) [Last Week: 11]

Look who’s back. Just like the Cowboys, the Packers are 2-0 on the season and in their division. We’ll see them in a few weeks.

8 - San Francisco 49ers (2-0) [Last Week: 14]

Maybe I was underestimating San Fran all this time, maybe things will settle down in a bit. Either way, this crow sucks.

9 - Philadelphia Eagles (1-1) [Last Week: 6]

Losing generally sees you dip, and injuries are going to be a big part of Philly’s future. Also... Carson Wentz threw an interception to someone that was sitting on the ground.

10 - Los Angeles Chargers (1-1) [Last Week: 9]

Chargers fans love to say “why doesn’t the world take us seriously?”. Dude, you lost to the Lions.

11 - Houston Texans (1-1) [Last Week: 12]

Squeaking out a win over Gardner Minshew still counts, but where was that offense?

12 - Detroit Lions (1-0-1) [Last Week: 18]

They’re undefeated! Maybe Matt Patricia knows what he’s doing after all.

13 - Buffalo Bills (2-0) [Last Week: 15]

I want to believe that this is real so much. Two wins at MetLife Stadium, keep going Buffalo.

14 - Atlanta Falcons (1-1) [Last Week: 26]

The Falcons won and Julio Jones is unreal, but Dan Quinn and Matt Ryan are very concerning if you’re an Atlanta supporter.

15 - Cleveland Browns (1-1) [Last Week: 21]

They dominated the Luke Falk-led Jets. Cool. They should have.

16 - Oakland Raiders (1-1) [Last Week: 20]

The Raiders kind of kept it close with Kansas City for a while, but ultimately the Chiefs did the Chiefs thing. They look more promising than ever under Jon Gruden, although that’s not saying much.

17 - Minnesota Vikings (1-1) [Last Week: 10]

The real Kirk Cousins seems to have shown up.

18 - Tennessee Titans (1-1) [Last Week: 13]

If your field is catching on fire it’s probably not a good sign.

19 - Chicago Bears (1-1) [Last Week: 24]

This was by far the weirdest game of the year. Chicago won, but Mitchell Trubisky looks very bad. But they have a kicker!

20 - Indianapolis Colts (1-1) [Last Week: 23]

Perhaps the most resilient team in the NFL, but wow Adam Vinatieri is really not his Hall of Fame self.

21 - New Orleans Saints (1-1) [Last Week: 3]

Losing your HOF quarterback is going to hurt anyone and until Teddy Bridgewater proves himself it’s hard to buy in to New Orleans.

22 - Arizona Cardinals (0-1-1) [Last Week: 17]

They’ve been about what you expect a rookie quarterback and head coach to be.

23 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-1) [Last Week: 28]

They won last week, but probably only because they were playing against the Panthers. This team is bad.

24 - Cincinnati Bengals (0-2) [Last Week: 22]

I foolishly bought in to Cincy last week. Why do I do this?

25 - Pittsburgh Steelers (0-2) [Last Week: 19]

No Big Ben, but a brand new Minkah Fitzpatrick. Pittsburgh clearly believes in Mason Rudolph but we need to see more before we do.

26 - Carolina Panthers (0-2) [Last Week: 16]

Only one touchdown through two full games. Yuck.

27 - Washington Redskins (0-2) [Last Week: 29]

They put up a bit more of a fight than any of us thought that they would, but this is still a bottom five-ish team. That’s the Jay Gruden way.

28 - New York Jets (0-2) [Last Week: 25]

They can’t get out of their own way.

29 - Denver Broncos (0-2) [Last Week: 30]

It’s almost as if trading for Joe Flacco wasn’t the answer to all of their problems.

30 - Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2) [Last Week: 27]

Jalen Ramsey wants to be traded. Everything is fine!

31 - New York Giants (0-2) [Last Week: 31]

It’s officially Daniel Jones time, maybe he can save them. (laughs uncontrollably)

32 - Miami Dolphins (0-2) [Last Week: 32]

They’ve been outscored 102-10. They visit AT&T Stadium this week. Huzzah. 4th (previously 6th)

Guess who’s a believer?

The Cowboys are locked in. Sunday was a complete effort on both sides of the ball, but let’s call special attention to the offensive line, which plays a lot like the Dallas lines that dominated the trenches earlier this decade. Ezekiel Elliott went for over 100 yards with a score, and Dak Prescott was sacked once and hit only twice by an overmatched Redskins front seven. Prescott, perhaps emboldened by his star running back and ace blocking, is playing with MVP-like confidence. He had another big game against Washington, throwing for three touchdowns, averaging 9.0 yards per attempt and rushing for 69 yards, which included a career-high 42-yard sprint in the second quarter. Promising second-year wideout Michael Gallup is going to miss time with a knee injury, but enter Devin Smith, the star-crossed former Jets second-round pick, who channeled his blazing Ohio State days on a 51-yard touchdown reception.

Bleacher Report: 4th (previously 6th)

The number four is very popular.

The Dallas defense did its part as well, holding Washington to 255 total yards in a game where Dallas nearly doubled up their rivals in yardage.

Through two games, Prescott looks like a superstar, and the Cowboys look like the class of the division.

And Dak’s contract is growing by the week.

Sports Illustrated: 4th (previously 6th)


Dak Prescott is making an early MVP push—completing 82.3% of his passes, with a rating of 142.9 over two games.

USA Today: 3rd (previously 14th)

The highest-ranker of America’s Team.

They’ve beaten two dreadful teams and draw another — Miami — in Week 3. But give QB Dak Prescott and Co. credit for crisp execution to date.


What is a more fair ranking for the Cowboys?

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