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Year-to-date: Ezekiel Elliott has run for more yards through two games in 2019 than any season before

It might not feel like it, but Elliott’s production is actually high as far as his history.

NFL: Dallas Cowboys at Washington Redskins Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys have one of the more productive offenses in the National Football League and it’s quite amazing for this to be a true sentence in the year 2019.

Plenty of Cowboys fans still have somewhat fresh scars from watching the offensive unit that Scott Linehan put out over the last two years, a group that the defense had to carry week in and week out. Things have radically changed under new OC Kellen Moore, so much so that people are - somewhat fairly in today’s NFL - wondering whether or not he’ll get some head coach offers at season’s end. Don’t worry, there’s a lot to happen between now and then.

Dak Prescott has been the face of this offensive revolution

The Cowboys have enjoyed enormous success on offense through two games this season. With a quarterback that’s thrown for almost 700 yards and for seven touchdowns in two games, things are likely going to go well.

It’s not a secret that if you have a strong quarterback that you’re going to have success in the NFL. It’s a quarterback league as many like to say and if Dak continues on the path that he’s on the Cowboys really are going to be one of the more formidable teams come January. Again, there is a lot of time between now and then.

With Dak succeeding so much it’s felt like the run game has been a little bit forgotten, the run game that isn’t Prescott. Ezekiel Elliott held out all through training camp and the preseason in an effort to get a new contract, an extension that he eventually got. With all of this offense raining down from Mt. Moore many may have felt like Elliott has been a bit forgotten.

Ezekiel Elliott is quietly performing better than he ever has two games in

What if I told you that Elliott actually hasn’t been forgotten and that he actually has had a lot of success? In fact, what if I told you that Elliott has had more success two games into a season than he ever has before while a member of the Dallas Cowboys?

I’m here to tell you that this is in fact actually the case. When you look at how he’s performed through every season’s opening two games, Zeke has more rushing yards than ever before.

Ezekiel Elliott Year to Date (2 games in)

Season Carries Rushing Yards
Season Carries Rushing Yards
2016 41 134
2017 33 112
2018 32 147
2019 36 164

It’s interesting to look at this because it does feel like Elliott is being used less than he has before, but he’s got more carries through the season’s first two games than every year save 2016. As you can see he also has more rushing yards to this point than in any season before, it truly is a “wow I didn’t realize this” sort of moment.

We’ll see if Zeke can keep up his year to date status as the season progresses. The Cowboys are favored by just about three touchdowns against the Miami Dolphins but it would be very unlike Jason Garrett for the team to put themselves in a position where they would need to be that dominant (I wouldn’t take that line personally).

Kellen Moore has managed to guide the Cowboys offense to a point where both Dak and Zeke are experiencing more success through the first two games of the season than ever before. It’s quite remarkable.

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