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Report: Cowboys trying to trade Taco Charlton, will likely move on from him if they can’t

After a little over two years the Cowboys are just about moving on from their 2017 first-round pick.

New York Giants v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Often times the way that the NFL Draft works can be unfortunate for players.

When you’re a team’s first-round selection there is a lot of pressure (however right or wrong) placed on your shoulders. People are depending on you to come in and make their team better, and if you don’t they’ll compare you to other players drafted and point to another choice that made more sense.

This was the case for Taco Charlton from day one with the Dallas Cowboys. As soon as Taco’s name was read there were people everywhere who were upset that he was not TJ Watt. Charlton had to have success with the Cowboys in order to prove the pick a just one, and the more that he didn’t (all while Watt has flourished in Pittsburgh) has done nothing to help the situation.

Taco’s time in Dallas is just about officially over

The last week has been one of a lot of Taco talk what with a report of him asking for a trade over the offseason and him asking the team to “free” him on social media (a post that he later deleted). It is all seemingly coming to an end.

With the Dallas Cowboys needing a roster spot to elevate the previously-suspended Robert Quinn, sources are reporting that they have effectively decided to move on from Taco Charlton.

Taco played in 27 career games for the Cowboys and totaled four career sacks. It’s unlikely that we’ll see a trade materialize for him over the next few hours (a move has to be official by 4 pm ET to elevate Quinn) so in all likelihood he will be released.

It’s important to admit mistakes sooner rather than later. It seems as if that’s exactly what the Cowboys are doing.

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