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BTB Week 2 Play of the Game: Devin Smith beats Josh Norman for 51-yard touchdown

Devin Smith deserves a lot of credit.

The Cowboys had a bit of a slow start last week, but down 7-0 they got the ball rolling with a 51-yard touchdown pass from Dak Prescott to Devin Smith late in the second quarter.

Prescott carried out a play-action fake and had great protection from his offensive line, but the most important element was the dig route by Randall Cobb. As Cobb continued across the formation, the safety bit on Cobb’s route, leaving no one in the middle of the field.

Redskins cornerback Josh Norman is playing with outside leverage. He doesn’t have a prayer as Prescott delivers a strike to Smith on the post.

Smith catches the call on the six-yard line and stumbles into the endzone, putting the Cowboys on the board.

This was the first of many scores for the Cowboys in route to a 31-21 defeat of their NFC East foes.

That is why this is the Cowboys Week 2 Play of the Game!

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